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The theme of “how to grow your penis safely” is very common among men, despite penis enlargement (or grow your penis) is not much talk, we get tons of emails from men asking the surest way to grow your penis and make it bigger.

Is it possible to make your penis grow?

The answer is YES, you can make your penis grow bigger. Many men have found new confidence and sexual health usingpenile growth methods also increase erection quality and sex duration. Most men report a whole improving sexual health, and improved sex life using safe techniques penis growth.grow penis size naturally.

However, many men are using unsafe to try to make your penis grow bigger methods. These unsafe methods of penis enlargement can lead to disfigurement, loss of size, loss of sensation, erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease don’t try penis enlargement pump or weight leafing for penis.

That’s why we recommend reading our website before attempting to grow your penis. We will explain why:

  • How to grow your penis safely
  • The natural way to grow our penis
  • Why men want to make your penis grow bigger
  • What is the average penis size
  • What it is the ideal size of the penis
  • Safe ways to make your penis grow

The safe method that people have used to make your penis grow bigger generally fall into three categories.

Natural Pills for Safe Penis Growth

IH3 Capsules Penis growth pills are herbal supplements that naturally make your penis grow bigger. The pills we list on this website are secure, tested doctor, and totally free of negative side effects. Please read our section on penis enlargement pills.

Safe exercises penis growth Manual

Many people have been using hand exercises to make your penis grow. The exercises can be very effective when combined with pills. But there are many exercises that teach dangerous they can cause discomfort or severely damage your penis. Please check out guidance manuals exercises penis growth. Please read our guide exercises penis growth manual before attempting anything yourself.

Safe penis growth oil

IH4 Penis growth oil is applied directly to the penis and gives immediate results with a stronger, fuller and thicker erection. Men report an experience of intense “throbbing” erection after using the IH4 oil. The ingredients contained in the penis growth oil also act to increase the health of the penis and help men achieve a fuller penis throughout the day. Read more about the penis growth oil here.

Safe Penis Growth Patch

Penis enlargement patches contain the same formula as herbal penis enlargement pills, except the ingredients are distributed through its trans-dermal system. The ingredients are absorbed through the skin and the process is completely safe woring in the same way that a nicotine patch. Please read about penis growth patch here.

Why men want to grow your penis

It is no wonder that many men want to make your penis grow larger, there is a lot of pressure on people today in regard to body image and sexual satisfaction of their partner. Having a small penis can lead to depression and even suicide. It helps men who are trying to cope with having a penis of average size below to read other stories of men going through the same thing, to realize they are not alone. Please read our next article on “Why men want a bigger penis”, where the issue is discussed in depth.


How To Improve Sexual Stamina

It may not be a goal that you want to appear in your induction gym, but you can improve your sexual athletic ability through training. “Movements that improve flexibility, increase strength and develop a solid core allow you coordinate flexion and extension of the spine and hips using the erector muscles, the abdominals, hip flexors and glutes,” says personal trainer Ben Jones Lifetime Health and Fitness. Jones designed the following program to combine weight force of the body moves with specific stretches. Use either as a separate circuit or add it to the end of your workout.

How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally

Natural Tips For Increase Your Sex Time

Sets perform each of the 4 sections as a great whole, complete 3 sets before moving on to the next couple of years. Target of 15-20 repetitions for strength moves, followed by the conduct or repeat of each to failure. Rest for 30 seconds between sets. It all adds up to extra feather in the boudoir.

Better Sex Exercise

Better Sex Exercise

Upper Body

It is the simple sexual physics: the longer you can support your own body weight, the longer you can give and receive, and the more pleasure you get.

Swiss-ball press-up
It works shoulders, chest, triceps
Best for Missionary
Method Place your shins on a Swiss ball and get into a position of the press-up. Low to the ground, then back up and repeat. Fernanda Tavares image you looking for motivation.

Exercise For Better Sex 2

Low-lying-down back

Low-lying-down back
Works lower back, abs
Best for Full-Court Press (her legs over his shoulders)
Method Lie on your back, with your feet on the ground. Draw your knees to your chest and grab the legs behind the knees. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat as often as possible.

Exercise For Better Sex 3Lower Body

Strengthening leg muscles strength improves sexual athletics and greater flexibility of the hip gives more variety in their movements.

Arco Hinge
Works Quads
Best for AEROBIX (which is kneeling upright, the back arches)
Method Kneel on a mat with your knees to 90 degrees, keeping the head and back aligned with your thighs, lean back. Hold for 2-3 seconds. Repeat.

Exercise For Better Sex 4

Thrust hip flexor
Works Hips
Best for T-bar (it stands on the edge of the bed, is through it)
Method Step forward so your feet are a few meters away, knees slightly bent. Push the pelvis forward until you feel a stretch. Hold for 30 seconds, then swap legs.

Exercise For Better Sex 5


Resistance exercises that mimic the movements involved in sex avoid supporting muscles quit prematurely when you really need.

Exercise For Better Sex 6

Lying gluteal bridge
Works glutes, hamstrings
Best for Bent on (you standing by her bed); The Carnal Classic (also known as foot)
Method Lie on your back with knees bent. Squeeze your buttocks and raise them on the floor until your body forms a straight line. Hold for 3 seconds. Fernanda remember?


Slide Sock
It works shoulders, chest, triceps
Best for The Cave (you’re on top, she draws her legs to her chest)
For this method socks and a slippery surface it is required. Assume the push-up position. Keep your hands still, slide the body back, then slide forward until his belly is on their hands. That’s one repetition.

Exercise For Better Sex 8


Strength is nothing without flexibility. Power and flexibility will let you keep the feeling for a long time and get more satisfaction.

Crossover section
It works deep core, pelvic floor
Best for Reverse Missionary
Method Lie on your back with knees bent. Bring your right knee toward your chest. Take the outside of the knee with his left hand and pull it toward your left shoulder. Hold for 30 seconds. Alternate legs and repeat.

Exercise For Better Sex 7

Kneeling leg crossing
Works lower back and abdominal
Best for Barrow (hold your legs to the waist in the back)
Method get on all fours. Straighten your right leg back, bending to the right, with toes touching the ground. Now lift your right leg up and over the left leg. Reverse and repeat.

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Stay Long On Bed With Night King Sex Time Medicine

Stay Long On Bed With Night King Sex Time Medicine

Kama Sutra Position

Kama Sutra Tips

Kama Sutra Hindi

Kama Sutra Tips

We’ve all heard about this mythical book. Where does it come from? What does it reveal? Delve into the secrets of the Kama Sutra …

Kamasutra ke mutabika jitana j‍yada purusa Sex ko pasanda karate hai, utana hi mahilaem bhi. Jisa prakara purusom ko visesa kriyaom ya position me Sex karana pasanda hota hai, usi prakara mahilaom ko bhi. Aba savala uṭhata hai ki mahilaom ko kauna si position j‍yada pasanda hoti hai, to hama usaka javaba yaham denge. Isase pahale hama apako bata dem ki mahilaom ko sambhoga ki vo position j‍yada pasanda hoti hai, jinamem vo jal‍di carama sima taka pahunca sakati hai.

Mahilaom ki pasandida Sex position

kucha kriyaem ischa prakar hai-

1.Pahali kriya jisamem sambhoga ke daurana purusa mahila ke upara hota hai. Yaha sabase purani kriya hai, jise mahilaem sabase j‍yada pasanda karati hai. Isa kriya me mahilaom ko prema aura Sex donom ka barabara se anubhava hota hai.

2.Sex ki ischa anokhi kriya me purusa ki janghom para usaki parṭanara baiṭha jati hai. Isa kriya me baiṭhakara sambhoga kiya jata hai. Isamem sidhe dila se dila ka samparka hota hai. Yadi isa kriya ke satha cumbana bhi liya jae to p‍yara ka ahasasa kai guna baṛha jata hai.

3.Tisri position vo hai, jisamem mahila apane parṭanara ke upara baiṭha jati hai. Ama taura para mahilaom ko havi hona pasanda hota hai aura isa position me usi bata ka ahasasa j‍yada hota hai. Isa position me mahilaem bahuta jal‍da carama sima yani rati nis‍patti ki avas‍tha me pahunca jati hai.

4.Mahilaom ko alaga-alaga taraha se Sex karana pasanda hota hai. Position66′ p‍yara aura Sex ka alaga ahasasa karata hai. Isamem mahila apane purusa parṭanara ke upara piṭha karake baiṭha jati hai. Isa position me agara purusa apani parṭanara ki chati para masaja kare to j‍yada sahayaka siddha ho sakata hai.

5.Mahilaom ko s‍puna phiṭinga position bhi kaphi pasanda hoti hai. Isa position me jisa prakara do cam‍maca eka dusare me phiṭa ho jate hai, usi prakara mahila, purusa eka dusare ke alingana me kho jate hai. Purusa piche ki tarapha rahata hai.

Sahaba…Agar ye bate bhula gae to Sex me nahi aega maja!

Sardi-jukama ne china li thi avaz, 30 sal bad phir bol sakengi

dekhie kucha aise eksiḍeṇṭ, jo apako hairana karane ke lie kaphi hai

sirpha eka baṭana daba kara inglaiṇḍa aura fransa ko uṛa sakata tha rusa lekina...

The History
In Sanskrit, “Kama” refers to the god of carnal love, while “sutra” means “aphorisms. The medieval writer Vatsyayana decided to join the many works that deal with pleasure in one volume. Written between the fourth centuries seventh, this compilation of India was originally intended for the aristocracy and courtiers. Mainly famous for its descriptions of sexual positions, but also offers tips for living in harmony with the family. It was translated into European languages ​​in the 19th century.

The contents
Composed of seven chapters, the Kama Sutra only refers to positions for making love in the first part of the book, contrary to common belief. The other six chapters are dedicated to marriage, desire and relationships. All matters of a sexual nature are treated in a liberal and relaxed tone: desire, penis size, fantasies, orgasms and pregnancy. It also explains that men should not settle for the sexual act itself: they must also master the art of caressing, kissing, biting and other types of touching their partner. Wise words …
Through the centuries, the Kama Sutra has scrunitised and included in books about sexual positions, which explains why, as a rule, only know as a sexual guide.

Sex Positions
Originally, there were about twenty positions illustrated in the manual. Some of the relatively simple have become classics, especially the missionary position, the woman on top, doggy style, the 69 or spoons. Other positions, more acrobatic require more flexibility: penetration behind or in a standing face to face. The aim of the erotic games described in the Kama Sutra is to increase sexual pleasure.

Fancy trying something new? Here are details of some imaginatively named, famous positions that are not too difficult to implement.

– The Lotus: He sits with legs bent and the soles of the feet together. You sit on him, wrapping her legs around his waist and place your feet on the ground. Intense fusion of the bodies, this position favors intimate contact
– Scissors: You lie on your back. Kneeling on the edge of the bed, lift your legs slightly during penetration. Penetration is deep and very pleasant, and it gets a wonderful view of the action.
– Hunchback Bridge: Not that this position is a challenge! It requires your partner to be very strong and flexible. He begins lying on the ground and then lifted himself on the floor in a “bridge” or crab. You astride carefully and make grinding movements, rotating the hips.
– In the style of Anjou: You both lie on your sides with your bottom against his pelvis and he penetrates you, keeping your hands free to caress you. This gentle position is also suitable for women during the first five months pregnant.
– The Crab: You lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest while he enters from a kneeling position. This is a very nice position as the vagina tightens around the penis.
– Dividing a bamboo: You lie on your back and put one leg over the shoulder of her partner, the other leg on the bed spread. Then alternate so the leg is stretched over his shoulder and raised leg is extended.

Top 10 Sex Foods For Increase Sexual Desire

Foods For Increase Sex Power Naturally

Natural libido-boosting foods

Apne Sex Power Ko Kayse Badhay

Best Sex Power Foods

Best Sex Power Foods

Want to improve your performance in the bedroom or stay long on bed? Some Changing in Eat your way to a better sex life with these passion-inducing foods

Agar Aap Chahete Ho Ek Lambe Sex i mean long time sex power to apne jiven me in anginat foods / frout ka istemal kare or apne sex desire ko asani se powerfull banay

Sex Power Kam Hone Ki Wajah

There are a number of reasons why your sex life may have lost its sizzle, but you can help put the va-va-voom back into the bedroom with these lust-inducing foods.

Leading sex medicine company We-Vibe reveals what should be eating down dinner put that spark back in your libido.


The name of this South American fruit is derived from the Aztec Nahuatl language, which means “testicle” – a name chosen for the unusual shape of the fruit.

It may seem a bit much for us, but avocados have some sexy benefits. They are rich in saturated fats, which are very healthy for the heart.

And a healthy heart keeps the blood flow to all the right places. Men with underlying heart disease are twice as likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction, so feel free to add extra avocado slices to your salad.

AGUACATES ye ek aisa phal hai jiske istemal se apka dil / heart sehat mand ho jata hai or ek health DIL jism me sahi miqdaar me blood cerculate karta hai jiski wajah se aapki ling me tightenes or erectile dysfunction ka problem khatam ho jata hai.


These healthy nuts is said to act as a sexual stimulant and an aid to fertility, so if you’re trying to have a baby, start snacking.

They are rich in nutrients and various minerals that are important for sexual health and reproduction, including zinc, selenium and vitamin E. Zinc may also help improve sexual desire.

Almonds / Badam ek aisi giza hai jiske istemal se apki sehat bahetar rahti hai or sex ke ahesasat ko ubharta hai iske istemal se jinlogo ko bachcha paida na hota ho unko bhi faida hota hai ye mani me jaraseem ki miqdaar badhata hai, or isme vitamins e ,zink or loha hota hai.


Do not forget to bring this delicious dessert at your next picnic.

Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin B, which has been linked to higher sperm counts in men.

Go a step further and coat in chocolate as it is full of libido-boosting methylxanthines.

Strawberries se bhi semen me jarasheem badhte hai or isme vitamin b hota hai jiski madad se apka low libido increase hota hai, ise chocolate ke sath lene se acha faida hota hai


These tiny fruits pack some great benefits. They are loaded with calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc that stimulant.

They are also full of fiber, which increases heart health and satisfies hunger without adding to your waistline.

Figures ye bhi vitamin or zink ,potasium , iron, se bharpoor hota hai isse Heart mazboot hota hai, or bhook badhata hai jis se apki sex life bahetar hoti hai.


Poached, scrambled or fried eggs are sure to rev up after a long day of work.

They are packed with protein, which keeps you going without packing on the calories.

They are also an excellent source of amino acids, which combat certain types of heart disease and erectile dysfunction.

EGGS aap ke jism me protien ki miqdaar ko poori karta hai, isme amino acid hota hai jo dilki bimari or early fall me i mean early discharge ki sikayat ko door karta hai


Classic aphrodisiac! Research by the American Chemical Society showed that oysters contain compounds that increase the levels of testosterone and estrogen.

This growth hormone can translate into increased sex drive and stamina. These slimy creatures are another source of zinc to help support blood flow to the genitals in both sexes.

OYSTERS yani seepiya iske istemal se testosterone or estrogen me azafa hota hai jiski karan insaan jald bhuda nahi hota, ye hormone me azafa karta hai or isme samil zink lohe ki wajah se aapke sex drive me azafa hota hai ye male or female dono istemal kar sakte hai apni sex power ko badhane ke liye.


An easy addition of any salad that your sex life may have rockets from mediocre to hot hot.

Cashews and almonds are full of zinc, while nuts are rich in omega-3. This may make you think instantly of fish, but the essential fatty acids found in omega-3 fatty acids help with sexual response by increasing levels of dopamine in the brain that trigger arousal. They are also important for energy, memory, mood, and libido.

NUTS AND SEEDS yani dry frouts or beej, asani ke sath aap koi bhi salad or kachumbar ke istemal se bhi apni sex power ko shahuwat ata kar sakte ho, aise giridaar meveh me Omega 3 bahot hota hai jiase kaju badam me zink se mala maal hota hai or ye machliyo me bhi milta hai insab se dimagh ki soch ki salahit me azafe ke sath sath low libido yani sex drive me azafa hota hai


The nutrient citrulline found in watermelon may have Viagra-like effect on the body as it boosts nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels.

This is the same effect as Viagra is used to treat erectile dysfunction.

WATERMELON yani tarbooz ye khoon me nitric oxide badhata hai, jis ki wajah se jis tarah viagra istemal kiya jata hai erectile dysfunction ke liye thik usi tarah penis me tightenes ke liye tarbooz ka istemal bahetar hai

Black Raspberries

We used to enjoy taking them out the bushes when we were younger and now these berries can keep the bedroom boredom at bay. This rich in phytochemicals both improves libido and sexual stamina.

Black Raspberries ek aisa phal hai jo aapke libido me azafa karta hai or sex ki chahat ko badhata hai, aurat ki sex karne ki chahat me bhi istemal hota hai.

Ginseng Tea

Excessive drinking coffee regularly leads to over-stimulation of the adrenal glands, flooding the body with hormones normally produced in times of stress.

These hormones negatively affect libido and sexual performance. Alternatively, try ginseng tea containing ginsenoside compound that increases sexual satisfaction and can prevent erectile dysfunction.

Ginseng Tea iske istemal se apka dimaghi tension door hota hai or sex power me azafa hota hai lekin iska istemal zaroorat se ziyadah na kare. iske istemal se aapki sex ki chahat badhti hai or erectile dysfunction ki problem khatam hoti hai.

Long Time Sex Tips

increase sexual stamina naturally

Agar aap in sab nuskhe ka istemal karte ho to aapki sex life me kafi kuch sudhaar ajayga or aapki sex drive me badhotri ho jaygi, iske sath agar aap ek achchi SEX LIFE guzarna chahte ho to “NIGHTKING Sex Delay Liquid” ka istemal ek baar zaroor kare jiske istemal se apka sex time naturally 30 minutes se lekar 2 Hrs. tak ho sakta hai. Ye ek tree ka gond hai i mean tree liquid poori taour par herbal or natural hai Night King ke istemal se aapki sex drive me bahetari ajati hai.

How to Make Bigger Breast Size Naturally

How to get Bigger Breast Naturally Fast at Home

Mahila Apne seene / breast / boobs ki size ko kayse badhay?
Big breast are voluptuous and add a fuller look to the personality of a women which make her confident and presentable. Women who have big cup size any attire can look best on them.

Big Boobs Tips

Big Boobs Tips

Har Ladies Chaheti Hai Sexually Ek Tight Or Big Breast Size

Many women want to know how they can increase their breast size quickly. There are many natural methods you can use to grow your breast size effectively. This article has some tips on how to grow your breast size naturally.

Best Breast Enhancement Tips

How to Make Bigger Breast These tips are very popular with many women, as they are safe for your body. Using these tips allows you to enhance your breast size without using any of the methods of surgery. Surgery is not recommended as it can cause some negative side effects on your body. Therefore, you have to learn how to use natural methods to enhance their breast size quickly.

  1. Gain weight

How does weight gain effect your breasts?

This is the most popular method that can be used to enhance their breast size. In most cases, you may have small chest because you do not have enough fat in your body. If you’re thin, you may want to put some pounds to your body. By improving your weight, you may be able to improve their breast size effectively. However, you have to follow proper methods when you want to improve your weight.

It is recommended that you follow healthy diet when you want to gain weight naturally. Try to eat some healthy fats, lean protein and complex carbohydrates also regularly. These foods can help improve your weight naturallyas well as breast size.

Breast Enlargement Exercise

Breast Enlargement Exercise

  1. Do some exercises

To learn how to grow your breast size naturally, you may want to do some regular exercise every day. There are some recommended exercises you can do to improve their breast size. The building muscles around your chest is the most effective way that you can do to improve their breast size.

Chest press is a powerful technique you can use to enhance your breast size effectively without any surgery treatments. You can use dumbbells to build your chest muscle. Build muscle by lifting weights toward the ceiling. You have to do this exercise 3-5 times a week.

  1. Consume natural supplements

There are some natural supplements that you can consume to enhance your breast size. It is important to choose herbal supplements that do not contain hazardous chemicals. There are some best practices that you can consume each day herbs. Using IH5 cream breast enlargement and IH1 breast enlargement pills will also be able to receive the herbs in a single capsule.

IH1 & IH5 Product is not available. No. Order Please.

You have to choose the best product that contains active ingredients. These ingredients can help improve your breast size without any side effects. There are some popular products that you consume, as fenugreek, fennel, and wild yam also.

How to Make Your Boobs Bigger

How to Make Your Boobs Bigger

Here are some tips on how to grow your breast size naturally. It is important for you to choose some natural treatments to improve their breast size. You should not consume dangerous products that may contain some harmful chemicals.

It is recommended that you improve your breast size naturally. Improve their breast size can improve your confidence level. For that reason, many women want to increase their breast size quickly. Having large breasts is not a difficult task for you. Just use IH1 capsules and IH5 Cream natural treatments to enhance their breast size.

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  • Tricks on how your grow your breast size
  • What chemical is pumped in a breast for enlargement
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  • Big Boobs Cream
  • How to Make Bigger Breast

How To Sex Boost Immunity

Advantages of Sex

How  Sex to Boost Immunity

Apni Sexual Power Ko Badhay Herbal Medicine Se.

Benefits Of Long Sex

Advantages of Sex

Sex Relieves Stress

Advantages of Sex

Sex Boosts Immunity

Advantages of Sex

Sex Burns Calories

Advantages of Sex

Sex Improves Intimacy

Sex Karne Se Apka Pain Bhi Kam Hota Hai

Advantages of Sex

Sex Reduces Pain

Advantages of Sex

Sex Help You Sleep Better

Advantages of Sex

Stay Long Sex on Bed with Nightking Delay Liquid

Tag to Search on this Post,Sex Relieves Stress,Sex Lowers Blood Pressure,Sex Boosts Immunity,Sex Counts As Exercise,Sex Burns Calories,Sex Improves Cardiovascular Health,Sex Boosts Self-Esteem,Sex Strengthens Your Well-Being,Sex Improves Intimacy,Sex Reduces Pain,Sex Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk,Sex Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles,Additional Benefits of Kegel Exercises,Sex Helps You Sleep Better,Advatages Of Sex,

Sex Power Tips

How To Increase Sex Power

At any given time, 5,000 people are having sex in the world. So ‘touch’ is the most happening or thing “swing” in the world. Sex is not about to do stay long in bed. The three attributes that can help you in building an effective relationship with women include – your caring nature, communication skills and attitude of confidence. “Talking Lusty ‘during sex can help stimulate women even more. They tease her and make her feel desirable and you are sure to make her orgasm, even if their performance is below sexual desire.

sex power hindi

sex power hindi

Kayse Badhay Sex Power 

  1. If the sweat during sex do not worry – sweating men ooze testosterone and is a biological shift in women.
  2. During sex keep the room warm rather than cold. So maybe turn off the air conditioner if necessary or turn lower. The heat causes dilation of blood vessels and inflammation of the penis and vagina and redness of the skin. The heat makes you flush during sex. “
  3. If you want your girl to become pregnant make sure you give her a great orgasm. The chances of pregnancy increase because the contraction of the pelvic muscles during orgasm help sperm move through the birth canal and fertilize the eggs.
  4. If your child has a headache and no pills available give a great orgasm and this can relieve your headache. Sex is known to treat headaches due to the release of morphine as pain killer substances called brain endorphins.
  5. Big orgasm also requires you enjoy some foreplay. Gently touching, stroking, sucking and licking her nipples partners, thighs, vagina and clitoris are sometimes enough to start the orgasm. Keep the great act to the end.
  6. Stimulate the clitoris with your fingers gently stroking the area. Remember the sensory nerve fibers have the highest concentration around the clitoris, followed by the lips and the outer third of the vagina.
  7. Find her G-spot – G-spot stimulation can give a woman a big orgasm. Usually it is in the front section of the vaginal wall between the vaginal opening and the cervix. Use your fingers to caress the front of the vagina during intercourse and the best way to stimulate her G-spot is the insertion of the penis back. If the G-spot and clitoris is stimulated at the same time is likely to have “a hell of an orgasm ‘is unlikely to forget the woman.
  8. Early morning sex is also a great option if you are tired of the night. You can get additional help from the surge of testosterone in the morning. Blood levels of testosterone are highest just before dawn and are 40% higher than at night.
  9. Keep your ‘ass’ in shape – a man’s buttocks are the most admired part of the body of a man by women.
  10. Age is not a factor in sex as much as it is for women. Studies show that even if you have more than 70 years the chances of its powerful being is over 74%. Actor Anthony Quinn fathered a baby at the age of 82 years.

How to Increase Sex Power With Nightking

Nightking Delay Liquid facilitates in treating male impotency also known as mens Premature ejaculation or early discharge during sex. The consumption of our tablets helps in increasing the blood flow to male genital organ and make the men arouse their desire & maintain an erection for hours. Further more, the effect of these rejuvenate herbs lasts till the time user is indulged in love making stay long sex power on bed.

Achi Neend Lene Se badhta hai Sex Stamina

Good Sleep Increases Sex Pleasure

Kamasutra Sex ki Tips


Sleep is Most Important For Better Sex Life

Good and sufficient sleep is not only helps to keep you healthy, but it’s also important to make the best sex life. Hormones in the body of the weary state does not work correctly, so do not also enjoy sex.

Adequate sleep at night is not only refreshes your day, but the sex life may prove to provide extra pleasure. According to University of Michigan Medical School, working Sadaf Kashish, every extra hour of sleep in the sexual activity is 14%. Research journal Sexual Medicine “published in the latest issue of your paper John  Said,” If you have any problem in your sex life, you should consider whether or not you are able to get enough sleep. “

This study was done on 172 women, and the participants also slept in the night, the next day he will also disclosed sex. Sexual stimulation is needed for sleep study. Less sleep, more sleep than women consuming very little problem occurs in women spoke of sexual stimulation.
Sadaf ‘according to the impact of sleep on sexual pleasure and sexual excitement is very little attention given, but from the research point to the fact that less sleep and arousal in women and decreased sexual desire is. “The night of the women are very tired the next day, they have more sexual stimulation.
So adequate sleep sex helps in overcoming the problems.

 Hindi Me Sex Ki Jankari

sex tips in hindi

sex tips in hindi

Sex Me Bharpoor Anand Lene Ke Liye

kamasutra tips lambe samay tak uthayen sex ka anand

Acchi aur paryapta nind na sirf apaka svastha rakhone me madada karata hai balki sex laipha ka behatarina banane ke lie bhi zaruri hata hai. Kyanki thake hue avastha me sarira ka harmana sahi taraha se Kam nahim kara pata hai, isalie sex ka ananda bhi utha nahi pate hai.
Rat me paryapta matra me nind lene se na sirpha apaka din tarotaja rahata hai, balki sex jivana me bhi atirikta anand pradan karane vala sabit ho sakata hai. Misigana visvavidyalaya ke meḍikal skula me karyarata ḍeviḍ kamabakh ke anusar, hara eka ghaṇte ki atirikta nind se yaun gatividhiya me 14 phisadi ka ijapha hota hai. Sadha patrika seksuala meḍisina ke taja ank me prakasita apan sadha-patra me kamabakha ne kaha hai, agara apake sex jivana me kisi taraha ki samasya hai to apaka vicara karana cahie ki apa paryapta nind le le rahe hain ya nahin.

सेक्स का भरपूर आनंद

Yaha adhyayana 172 mahilao ka serve kiya gaya, tatha jina pratibhagiyam ne jisa din rat me atirikta nind li unhanne agale din sex ki atirikta iccha hone ka khulasa kiya. Adhyayana ke anusara nind yaun uttejana ke lie bhi jaruri hai. Kam nind lene vali mahilaa ki apekṣa atirikta nind lene vali mahilaa ne yaun uttejana me behada Kam samasya ane ki bat kahi.
Kamabakha ke anusar, yaun ananda aur yaun uttejana para nind ke prabhava ka bahuta Kam tavajja di jati rahi hai, lekin isa sadha se prapt tathya isa ara isara karate hain ki Kam nind lene ke karaṇa mahilaa me sex ki iccha aur uttejana me kami a sakati hai. Jaisa rat mahilae atyadhik thaki raheti hain usake agale din uname yaun uttejana bhi adhik hati hai.Achi Neend Lene Se badhta hai Sex Stamina,paryapta matra me nind sex samasyaa se nijata dilane me bahut madada karata hai.

How To Increase Your Sexual Energy

Testicular Massages For Increase Your Sexual Energy

The testes are two small organs oval hanging below the penis in a pouch of skin called the scrotum. From the age of puberty, the testes produce sperm that can fertilize the female egg. The testes are also responsible for the production of the hormone testosterone.

Mani Ki Miqdar Kaise Badhay

How to increase sperm on testicular massage

Testicular massage improves blood circulation to the testicles, which also increases your testosterone production. Massaging the testicles regularly improve their erections, ejaculation volume and sperm count. Massage testicular even increase the size of your testicles to be lower hanging, fullness, heavier and more sensitive.


How Testicular Massage

  • Using both hands to massage right testicle
  • Using both hands to massage left testicle.
  • Rolling both testicles around between thumb and index fingers of both hands.

Indian Sex Stamina Tablets

Benefits For Testicular Massage

  • Naturally Big Testicles
  • Increase Testicle Size
  • Boost Ejaculation Volume

Methods Of Testicular Massage

(1) Stand in Horse, or sit on the edge of a hard stool or chair, without pants.

(2) Rub your palms together to warm, then place the tips of the four fingers below the testicles, thumbs on top, and massage the testicles tightly rolling them around between fingers and thumbs.

(3) Pressure should be firm but not painful.

(4) Roll the testicles thirty-six times in each direction, then relax and draw energy up with abdominal breathing is done in conjunction with anal lock and visualization.

Penis Enlargement Capsules and Oil

India’s Largest Selling Penis Enlargement Pills And Oil

PENIS ENLARGEMENT CAPSULES AND OIL is a Dietary Supplement beneficial for Erectile Dysfunction. This is one of the best Herbal Remedies. Iqra Herbal is a breakthrough formula in the natural sexual enhancement solutions worldwide.

Herbal Penis enlargement Treatment

Penis Enlargement Capsules and Oil


Herbal Penis Enlargement Pills Increase Your Penis Size Naturally

PENIS ENLARGEMENT CAPSULES AND OIL has got all that a man and women want from a sex supplement. It is a successful and unique formulation of rare and precious herbs that works as a natural sex enhancer. PENIS ENLARGEMENT CAPSULES AND OIL resolves all of your sex related problems and makes your married and sex life more enjoyable and fulfilled. PENIS ENLARGEMENT CAPSULES AND OIL works as an herbal tonic that is as good for overall health as it is for sex related problems.


Penis Enlargement Oil Benefits: Increases Size 1.5-2 inches in just 2 month.

Penis Enlargement Oil Use Karne Ka Faida apne ling ka size 1 se 2 inches tak badao

PENIS ENLARGEMENT Oil IN INDIA (penis enlargement oil ) with 100% safe Ayurvedic Preparation blended with essential secret aphrodisiac herbs suitable for treating Penis size and erection problem. is genuine NATURAL PENIS ENLARGEMENT IN INDIA for Longer, Stronger and Harder Erection.

Penis Enlargement Oil is conceived to directly load the testosterone with Vitamin E and other therapeutic herbs to the penile tissues and cells. This will assist rejuvenate the neuroarterial synapses for cell regeneration.

Penis Enlargement Oil in India (penis enlargement oil ) is know as Magic Oil for Man it cure many Problem related to Penis like Small Penis Size, Thickness of Penis, Premature Ejaculation, Smaller or no Erection etc.

Penis Enlargement Course

  • 2 Months Course
  • 2 x 60 ml bottle.
  • 3 times a day with proper instruction.
  • Instruction Video with pack.
  • Increases size 1.5-2 inches. (is se ziyada kahi nahi milta humen skin itni hi stretch hoti hai)
  • Pure ayurvedic with 100 % Result. No Side Effect Guaranteed

How Penis Enlargement Oil Works

When Penis Enlargement Oil rubbed on Penis it absorbed into the Blood Stream and increases the blood circulation and expand the interior cavity of the penis. As a result it causes your erectile chamber (corpora cavernosa) to expand and enlarge.

Penis Enlargement Benifits 

Ling Ke Size ko Badhane ka faida or sex me time tak tike rahena ye umooman lambe ling se sanbhao hai

  • Increases size by 1.5-2 inches.
  • Gives Bigger, Harder, and Stronger Erections.
  • Increases sex timing.
  • Enhanced Sex Drive and Libido
  • More Intense Ejaculations
  • Increases strenght of Penis.
  • Pure ayurvedic with 100 % Result.


Penis Enlargement IH4 Oil Side Effects

Penis Enlargement IH4 Oil is 100% Ayurvedic Oil with no Side effects. As Oil is external use oil, so it is 100% Safe.

Penis Enlargement Oil and Capsules Packing

Penis Enlargement Oil will be delivered in Secret Packing with invisible wrapper contains only Customers Address. No Product Name or Brand Name or any type of Product details avaible on the Packet for Customers secrecy.

Penis Enlargement Oil Contains

Kalaunji oil (small fennel/nigella seed)

Dhatura ext. (datura stramonium)

Sura sar (nitrre saltpetre)


Premature Ejaculation Problem in India

Bharat me sab se ziyada pay jani wali sex bimari sambhog ke waqt jald jhad jana mani ka jald nikal jana

Thousands men around the world suffered with Premature ejaculation, in fact surveys shows that over 30% of men ejaculate within the first 2 minutes of sexual intercourse. In many cases men can ejaculate as soon as they enter the vagina, or even before getting it. This is crippling for a mans confidence and can have a significant negative impact on a relationship. Premature Ejaculation can be the cause of depression in men and an unsatisfactory sex life can downfall of the strongest relationship.

indian sex stamina tablets

indian sex stamina tablets nightking

Nightking Delay Power  For Premature ejaculation is most effective all-natural herbal supplement that can help to cure premature ejaculation and give you back the control on your sexual performance. Nightking Delay Power For Premature ejaculation successfully slows down the production of sexual hormones and giving you extended penetration time. Numbers of patient have noticed lasting 5-10 minutes longer within the first few days of takingNightking Delay Power For Premature ejaculation , with no decrease sexual pleasure. Usually the problem will be permanently resolved by taking a three month course. In some circumstances a repeat 3 months course is required. Nightking Delay Power For Premature ejaculation is a breakthrough in natural healthcare and the #1 leading product on the market. Imagine if you could last 5 – 10 times longer, and never have to worry about the embarrassment of ejaculate too quickly.

Does Nightking Delay Power For Premature ejaculation really work?

Yes! A series of clinical trials on patients was conducted, and recorded a near 92% success rate, with 70% of subjects being errantly cured of the problem, once the 3 month course was finished. Nightking Delay Power For Premature ejaculation supports your bodies normal sexual function, by working on the part of the brain that causes you to ejaculate, normalizing your natural hormone levels and allowing you complete control over when you ejaculate. The effects start just within the week of starting the course. Within the first week you will have natural control over when you ejaculate, without any loss of sensitivity. In fact many patients report heightened pleasure when reaching orgasm.

How do I take it?

The usual dose is 1 time with milk 5gm Power And daily for the first 2 weeks. After which you can stop taking Nightking Delay Power For Premature ejaculation and you will no longer suffer this problem. In some cases an ongoing course or a repeat course is required.

Is this only for premature ejaculation sufferers?

Although Nightking Delay Power For Premature ejaculation is formulated to help men overcome premature ejaculation, it can also be taken by those men who simply want to last longer and have more stamina during love making.

Are there any side effects?

You should experience no side effects when using Nightking Delay Power For Premature ejaculation , 100% herbal and natural product.


penis size and growth formula in herbal

Herbal Penis Size Medicine

What are the ingredients?

Nightking is the totally Herbal Product it’s found brazil rain forest, any other ingredients can’t be mix in this medicine it’s like a tree skins