Guptaang ke Balo ki Safai

Guptaang ke balo ki safai before Suhagraat

Beauty or khoobsoorti sirf Upar ki saf safai and makeup hi se nahi hoti real beauty ke liye under se bhi body ki care zaruri hoti hai. Age ki growth ke sath sath ladka ladki ki body me kafi changes ate rahetay hai. kisi kisi larke ke ling ke aspas and larki ki yoni ke aspas 16 years old age me halke brown color ke bal ajat hai and kuch hi salo me yeah bal kale ghere rang ke ho jate hai. Her girl and boy ke Guptaang / Sex Part ke bal different age me aasakte hai kisi ke jaldi and kisi ke late ho sakte hai. Saf-safai ke liye in hair remove kare, time to time clean karna very important hai health ke lye or har 15 dino me iski safai zaroori hoti hai warna Sex power me aage chalk e kami aa sakti hai.

How To Clean Pubic Hair

Guptaang ke balo ki safai
Special jab aap bade ho jaye and aap ki wedding night I mean suhagrat ki raat aane wali ho ye most important ho jata hai ki aap ke sex organ ki jagah ke baal saaf ho. because ab aap ko apne sahrir body ko apne pati (husband) or patni (wife) ke samne open karna hota hai un ke samne apni dress yahantak apne under wear tak ko utar kar sambhog / Sex karna hota hai aise me agar Dulha apne ling ke balo ki ya Dulhan apni yoni ke balo ki safai, Hair remove na kare to it is so bad or apas me ek guilty sa feel hota hai. Yea bhahut gandi baat hoti hai. and phir Dulha or Dulhan ka first time hi impression achcha nahi padta and sambhog (sex) me ya sex karne ke interest me kami aasakti hai. Saf safai se hi Mard Aurat ke beech attraction bana rehta hai.

Apne Sex Parts Ko Healthy Rakhe
Apni First Night Ko Apne Badan Ki Poori Safai Zaroori Hai
Suhagraat ke liye special and normal life me time to time apne body ke Guptaang Pubic hair saf karte rahe and baghal ke balo ki bhi safai rakhe is se health better rahegi or paseene ki bu nahi hoti and aap under se bhi beautiful nazar aayenge Suhagrat me special aap ka impression best rahega. This is small tip but most important because health is very important and special for long sex life. Suhagraat is most important night in life. Keep body need and clean every time and every moment for better sex life.
How To Increase Sex Time?

Agar Shadi Ke Kuch Salo Baad apka Sex Long Time tak nahi ho pata apki sex power me kami ho gai hai to Night King Sex Delay Liquid Ka Istemal Kare or apni sex life ko khoobsoorat palo me lejay, Long Time Sex ye sunte hi log mayoosh ho jate hai kiyon ki aaj kafi mashera is pareshani se do chaar hai.
Kaise kare Long Sex Or Long Sex Ka Faida
Long Sex Karne Ke Liye NIGHTKING Delay Liquid Jo Totally Herbal hai iske istemal ke baad apka sex power or time me azafa hota hai, Long Time Tak intercourse karne se apki wife ko sex ka maza milta hai or agli baar ke liye wo aapse sex karne ki chahat khud rakhti hai, kiyon ki zyada time tak mubasherat karne se bivi ki vagina me bharpoor climax aata hai or wo kai baar orgasms hasil karti hai. Bivi ko orgasm har mard nahi de pata kiyon ki mard jald jadh jate hai I mean early discharge ki wajah se inme sex khatm ho jata hai or partner ko climax tak nahi pahoncha pate. Agar patni ki har baar aap bina sukoon dilay sex khatam kardonge to slowly ladies sex me bhagi daar kam hone lagti hai unko under sexual desire ki kami aa jati hai or wo sex karna na pasand karti hai, isi liye bivi ko behad zaroori hai ki uski bhi khushi ka poora dheyan rakhe sex karte samay foreplay ka time badhay or bivi ko orgasms har haal me dena zaroori samjhe. Agar mard ka ejaculation time badh jay to ladies ko orgasms hasil ho jata hai 15 se 20 minutes ke andar, magar aaj kal ke nawjawan sirf 1-2 minutes me khel khatam kardete hai or apne partner ko khushi nahi de pate, jiski karan azdawaji zindagi me pareshaniya paida ho jati hai. Aise logo ke liye Nightking Sex Delay qudrat ka bahetareen tohfa hai.

Last Longer & Control Your Climax Long Time

 Lasting Longer in Bed

Lasting Longer In Bed Chennai

Sex For Long Time In Chennai

Natural remedies to last longer in bed and extend your sex time

प्राकृतिक उपचार बिस्तर में अब पिछले और अपने सेक्स के समय का विस्तार करने के लिए

Qudrati Ilaj Humbistri ka Waqt Kaise Badhay

‘How to last longer in bed’ is one of the most common questions we get at our site. We do not know if the people who ask this question have a wrong perception of how long they need to last or actually have a serious problem like premature ejaculation.
Unlike what you see in pornography, the average time for men during sex is 5-10 minutes while the whole act of seduction to the end of the actual relationship can last about 30 minutes. Here are 11 things you should be careful out because they can kill your sex drive.
If the clock anywhere in under 3 minutes, you may need help.You could try some of the things listed below:

Long Time Sex Karne Ke Liye Khane Pine Ka Upyogh

sex food for better sex life

Foods for Longer Lasting In Bed Chennai

1. Eat more vegetables and fruits:

Humbistri ke liye Sabziyo ka Paryogh Ziyadah kare.


Yes, studies have actually shown that men who are mostly vegetarian last longer in bed than non-vegetarians. They have more energy because of the nutrients they receive from these fruits and vegetables, especially potassium.

Sex Ke Pahelay Kela (Banana) ka Istemal kare

a. Eating a banana just before sex could help improve performance because it contains potassium. Also provides a good amount of glucose. Read more about the health benefits of bananas.

Rozana Amla Or Angoor ka Sharbat piye Mani Ko Gadha Karne Ke liye

b. Drinking amla or currant juice daily may help you last longer in bed and also improve sperm quality because it has a good amount of iron and zinc.

Strawberries Ka Istemal Kare Sex Karne Se Awwal

c. Eating a handful of strawberries before intercourse. Its content and high glucose concentration of zinc can help you last longer. Check out 10 Bollywood stars reveal things about sex, love and more!

Shakar ka Istemal kam Kare

2. Avoid processed sugar: The “sugar crash” that comes after a “sugar rush” could reduce their strength.

Nashawar Cheezo Ka Istemal Chod De

3. Reduce consumption of snuff: hardens the arteries and reduces blood flow to the penis. According to the health practitioner medicine men and sex therapist Dr John Smith, ‘Smoking affects every system / organ in the body, including sexual functioning. People have to understand that the erection in men has much to do with the health of the heart, blood vessels. Smokers are twice as likely to develop erectile dysfunction than nonsmokers. ”

Sharab Ka Istemal Kam Karde Sex Ki Timing Badh Jaygi

4. Reduce intake of alcohol: Alcohol has a negative effect on your senses and is not “fully” in the moment. So, exercising control is out of the question, is it not?

Sex Me Bahetar Natije Ke Liye Kashrat Daily Kare

5. Work on your arms and abdominal muscles: Most sexual positions requires man is in his hands and feet. This means your heart has to be very strong to last longer. So, working on biceps, triceps and abs exercises in gymnastics or body weight at home can help.Exercise also improves blood flow in general, including the penis and this could also help. (Read: Revealed – men with big bellies last five minutes longer in bed for men slim)

Sex Me Time ke Azafe Ke liye Or Premature Ejaculation ko Rokne Ke liye Kegel Exercise regular kare

6. Try Kegel exercises or pelvic floor exercises: These exercises are used primarily for better bladder control, but also help in maintaining the erection for longer. Imagine you are urinating and then try to stop the flow. Repeat this – grip, hold, release cycle 10 times, trying to hold for 10 seconds per squeeze.

Sex Me Bahetar natija hasil Kare Biofeedback ka upyog kar ke

7. Try biofeedback or “trim”: When you are almost there (during intercourse or masturbation), stop all sexual activity. Distract yourself for a bit. This way you can have better control and extend the time for sex.

Dabao Ka Tareeka Bhi Bahetar Sabit Hota Hai Long Time Sex Ke Liye

8.Try the squeeze technique: When almost about to reach orgasm, tighten just below the glans. This pulls the back of penile blood giving longer.

Humbistri karte Waqt apne Partner Ko Pahelay Orgasms Tak Pahochay Mohabbat Ke Khel Se

9. Focus more on foreplay and your woman: Sometimes, trying to get her to orgasm first with either your fingers or your mouth could help relieve your stress and help maintain your erection longer.

Sex Power Ke Liye Sahi or Tawazun Neend Lena Zaroori  Hai

10. Get enough sleep: According to a research conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago, men who slept less than five hours of sleep per night had lower levels of testosterone. It is important that you get 7-8 hours of sleep to increase your sexual performance.

Yoga Or Kashrat Ke Zariye Bhi Sex Ka Time Me Azafa Kiya  Ja sakta Hai

11. Try yoga: Certain yoga asanas like cobra pose (Bhujangasana) paschimotasana can increase blood flow to the genital area and increase the time for the last time in bed.
You may also like to read 10 interesting facts about orgasms: