List Of Long Time Sex Medicine in Hindi

Best Medicine For Premature Ejaculation or Early Discharge

Lambe Samay Ke Liye Sex Karne ki Tips

Aaj Hum Baat Karege Purso ki Un Samasayu ka Jinku Karan in Ki niji Zindagi Me Pareshaniya Paida ho jati hai. Akshar dekhne me aya hai ke log Neem-Hakeem ke Pass ke Nuskho ko istemal kar apni zindagi ka time bhi barbaad karte hai or sath hi Apni Mahenat Ki Kamai bhi. Kabhi bhi bina jankari ke koi bhi medicine ka istemal na kare or agar karna bhi hai to kisi supplement ya herbal / ayurvedic medicine ka istemal thik hota hai in Herbal medicine ke istemal se apko benefits to kafi slow / dheemi raftar me milta hai magar kabhi Koi side effect nahi hota hai.


Find A Way To Improve Your Sexual Stamina

Apni Sex Power Ko Kaise Badhay

Talking about sex with a man and his main concern would be to find a way to improve your sexual stamina. Every man wants most in this regard. Men are very sentimental about their sexual performance, so do not mind adding a little more of what they already have. They want to last longer in bed and did not want to deal with any problems like premature ejaculation. The truth is that premature ejaculation is a complicated issue to deal with, and since men are often too embarrassed to talk to a doctor, start asking your friends about a sex medicine for a long time there whenever name.You search for drugs, even when you can try some ways to improve your sexual stamina. Read on to learn more about it.

Are there certain medicines Long Time Sex?

Long Time Sex Medicine Name in Hindi

Use Nightking / nk stone Delay Liquid For Last Longer On Bed

It is common for men to have performance anxiety when engaged in sexual activity. You can find a variety of medications that claim to improve sexual stamina. While not all of them work, some of them can produce some positive effects.

1. Anesthetic Creams

nightking sex delay liquid

Long Time Sex Delay Medicine

These types of creams and sprays are very popular and help treat premature ejaculation or long time in bed. Containing an anesthetic agent such as lidocaine or prilocaine. You need to apply these sprays and creams on your penis a few minutes before engaging in sexual activity. The numbing agent reduces the feeling and lets you keep your erection for long. You can get a Nightking / Nk Stone Delay Liquid without prescription, as Promescent.

These anesthetics are also popular and effective, they are free of side effects. The Without Decreased sexual pleasure is another potential side effect.and enjoying full night on bed.

2. Oral Medications

When asked about a name sex medicine for a long time, many suggest that delay orgasm. The FDA has not approved any of these drugs for the treatment of premature ejaculation, but these drugs have shown positive effects in many cases. The list includes:

Antidepressants: One of the side effects of antidepressants is delayed orgasm. Many people use Prozac, Zoloft, and other selective reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) to delay ejaculation. Your doctor may also prescribe the tricyclic antidepressant clomipramine (Anafranil) if SSRIs are not working. These drugs can improve his time, but you may have to face certain side effects such as dry mouth, nausea, decreased libido, and drowsiness.

Instead of asking a name of sexual medicine long term, you should consider using natural remedies.

The practice ejaculation control with the help of your partner

The pause-squeeze technique is one of the best natural remedies for early ejaculation. The procedure is simple. When you are ready to ejaculate, ask your partner to squeeze the end of his penis. The point at which the head of his penis is attached to the shaft is the point of your partner must press for a few seconds. When your desire to ejaculate passes, wait 30 seconds and start with foreplay. His penis becomes erect when you’re sexually excited. You can repeat the same when you are about to ejaculate.

Doing this as many times as possible will help develop a sense of control over their ejaculation and you will not have to use the technique more time. This technique will help you hone your head to change the old pattern of rapid orgasm. The technique may take some time to produce results, but it saves you from asking for a name sex medicine for a long time.

Here are some other things you can do to prolong your erection without worrying about premature ejaculation.

Make use of your thoughts. Try to think of something sexual until your penis becomes erect. Now, think of something nonsexual until your penis returns to its flaccid state. Repeat this several times to get better control over your penis.
Learn to relax your body when you get near orgasm. Breathe deeply to develop a better sense of control.
Some men find it easier to last long if masturbate before a sex session. You may want to try that too…. it’s danger in your futures life.
Move slowly and not get into it too quickly. Spend more time on foreplay. Check head to help her have an orgasm first. This behavioral therapy helps you relax and make sure you have full control of things.
Try counseling to feel better. You may want to talk to a mental health professional who will ask about your relationships and experiences. The therapist will help you learn ways to reduce performance anxiety and share ways to overcome stress. Use in combination with medication advice for best results.



How To Improve Sexual Stamina

It may not be a goal that you want to appear in your induction gym, but you can improve your sexual athletic ability through training. “Movements that improve flexibility, increase strength and develop a solid core allow you coordinate flexion and extension of the spine and hips using the erector muscles, the abdominals, hip flexors and glutes,” says personal trainer Ben Jones Lifetime Health and Fitness. Jones designed the following program to combine weight force of the body moves with specific stretches. Use either as a separate circuit or add it to the end of your workout.

How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally

Natural Tips For Increase Your Sex Time

Sets perform each of the 4 sections as a great whole, complete 3 sets before moving on to the next couple of years. Target of 15-20 repetitions for strength moves, followed by the conduct or repeat of each to failure. Rest for 30 seconds between sets. It all adds up to extra feather in the boudoir.

Better Sex Exercise

Better Sex Exercise

Upper Body

It is the simple sexual physics: the longer you can support your own body weight, the longer you can give and receive, and the more pleasure you get.

Swiss-ball press-up
It works shoulders, chest, triceps
Best for Missionary
Method Place your shins on a Swiss ball and get into a position of the press-up. Low to the ground, then back up and repeat. Fernanda Tavares image you looking for motivation.

Exercise For Better Sex 2

Low-lying-down back

Low-lying-down back
Works lower back, abs
Best for Full-Court Press (her legs over his shoulders)
Method Lie on your back, with your feet on the ground. Draw your knees to your chest and grab the legs behind the knees. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat as often as possible.

Exercise For Better Sex 3Lower Body

Strengthening leg muscles strength improves sexual athletics and greater flexibility of the hip gives more variety in their movements.

Arco Hinge
Works Quads
Best for AEROBIX (which is kneeling upright, the back arches)
Method Kneel on a mat with your knees to 90 degrees, keeping the head and back aligned with your thighs, lean back. Hold for 2-3 seconds. Repeat.

Exercise For Better Sex 4

Thrust hip flexor
Works Hips
Best for T-bar (it stands on the edge of the bed, is through it)
Method Step forward so your feet are a few meters away, knees slightly bent. Push the pelvis forward until you feel a stretch. Hold for 30 seconds, then swap legs.

Exercise For Better Sex 5


Resistance exercises that mimic the movements involved in sex avoid supporting muscles quit prematurely when you really need.

Exercise For Better Sex 6

Lying gluteal bridge
Works glutes, hamstrings
Best for Bent on (you standing by her bed); The Carnal Classic (also known as foot)
Method Lie on your back with knees bent. Squeeze your buttocks and raise them on the floor until your body forms a straight line. Hold for 3 seconds. Fernanda remember?


Slide Sock
It works shoulders, chest, triceps
Best for The Cave (you’re on top, she draws her legs to her chest)
For this method socks and a slippery surface it is required. Assume the push-up position. Keep your hands still, slide the body back, then slide forward until his belly is on their hands. That’s one repetition.

Exercise For Better Sex 8


Strength is nothing without flexibility. Power and flexibility will let you keep the feeling for a long time and get more satisfaction.

Crossover section
It works deep core, pelvic floor
Best for Reverse Missionary
Method Lie on your back with knees bent. Bring your right knee toward your chest. Take the outside of the knee with his left hand and pull it toward your left shoulder. Hold for 30 seconds. Alternate legs and repeat.

Exercise For Better Sex 7

Kneeling leg crossing
Works lower back and abdominal
Best for Barrow (hold your legs to the waist in the back)
Method get on all fours. Straighten your right leg back, bending to the right, with toes touching the ground. Now lift your right leg up and over the left leg. Reverse and repeat.

For Better Sex Time Liquid in India

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Stay Long On Bed With Night King Sex Time Medicine

Stay Long On Bed With Night King Sex Time Medicine

Kama Sutra Position

Kama Sutra Tips

Kama Sutra Hindi

Kama Sutra Tips

We’ve all heard about this mythical book. Where does it come from? What does it reveal? Delve into the secrets of the Kama Sutra …

Kamasutra ke mutabika jitana j‍yada purusa Sex ko pasanda karate hai, utana hi mahilaem bhi. Jisa prakara purusom ko visesa kriyaom ya position me Sex karana pasanda hota hai, usi prakara mahilaom ko bhi. Aba savala uṭhata hai ki mahilaom ko kauna si position j‍yada pasanda hoti hai, to hama usaka javaba yaham denge. Isase pahale hama apako bata dem ki mahilaom ko sambhoga ki vo position j‍yada pasanda hoti hai, jinamem vo jal‍di carama sima taka pahunca sakati hai.

Mahilaom ki pasandida Sex position

kucha kriyaem ischa prakar hai-

1.Pahali kriya jisamem sambhoga ke daurana purusa mahila ke upara hota hai. Yaha sabase purani kriya hai, jise mahilaem sabase j‍yada pasanda karati hai. Isa kriya me mahilaom ko prema aura Sex donom ka barabara se anubhava hota hai.

2.Sex ki ischa anokhi kriya me purusa ki janghom para usaki parṭanara baiṭha jati hai. Isa kriya me baiṭhakara sambhoga kiya jata hai. Isamem sidhe dila se dila ka samparka hota hai. Yadi isa kriya ke satha cumbana bhi liya jae to p‍yara ka ahasasa kai guna baṛha jata hai.

3.Tisri position vo hai, jisamem mahila apane parṭanara ke upara baiṭha jati hai. Ama taura para mahilaom ko havi hona pasanda hota hai aura isa position me usi bata ka ahasasa j‍yada hota hai. Isa position me mahilaem bahuta jal‍da carama sima yani rati nis‍patti ki avas‍tha me pahunca jati hai.

4.Mahilaom ko alaga-alaga taraha se Sex karana pasanda hota hai. Position66′ p‍yara aura Sex ka alaga ahasasa karata hai. Isamem mahila apane purusa parṭanara ke upara piṭha karake baiṭha jati hai. Isa position me agara purusa apani parṭanara ki chati para masaja kare to j‍yada sahayaka siddha ho sakata hai.

5.Mahilaom ko s‍puna phiṭinga position bhi kaphi pasanda hoti hai. Isa position me jisa prakara do cam‍maca eka dusare me phiṭa ho jate hai, usi prakara mahila, purusa eka dusare ke alingana me kho jate hai. Purusa piche ki tarapha rahata hai.

Sahaba…Agar ye bate bhula gae to Sex me nahi aega maja!

Sardi-jukama ne china li thi avaz, 30 sal bad phir bol sakengi

dekhie kucha aise eksiḍeṇṭ, jo apako hairana karane ke lie kaphi hai

sirpha eka baṭana daba kara inglaiṇḍa aura fransa ko uṛa sakata tha rusa lekina...

The History
In Sanskrit, “Kama” refers to the god of carnal love, while “sutra” means “aphorisms. The medieval writer Vatsyayana decided to join the many works that deal with pleasure in one volume. Written between the fourth centuries seventh, this compilation of India was originally intended for the aristocracy and courtiers. Mainly famous for its descriptions of sexual positions, but also offers tips for living in harmony with the family. It was translated into European languages ​​in the 19th century.

The contents
Composed of seven chapters, the Kama Sutra only refers to positions for making love in the first part of the book, contrary to common belief. The other six chapters are dedicated to marriage, desire and relationships. All matters of a sexual nature are treated in a liberal and relaxed tone: desire, penis size, fantasies, orgasms and pregnancy. It also explains that men should not settle for the sexual act itself: they must also master the art of caressing, kissing, biting and other types of touching their partner. Wise words …
Through the centuries, the Kama Sutra has scrunitised and included in books about sexual positions, which explains why, as a rule, only know as a sexual guide.

Sex Positions
Originally, there were about twenty positions illustrated in the manual. Some of the relatively simple have become classics, especially the missionary position, the woman on top, doggy style, the 69 or spoons. Other positions, more acrobatic require more flexibility: penetration behind or in a standing face to face. The aim of the erotic games described in the Kama Sutra is to increase sexual pleasure.

Fancy trying something new? Here are details of some imaginatively named, famous positions that are not too difficult to implement.

– The Lotus: He sits with legs bent and the soles of the feet together. You sit on him, wrapping her legs around his waist and place your feet on the ground. Intense fusion of the bodies, this position favors intimate contact
– Scissors: You lie on your back. Kneeling on the edge of the bed, lift your legs slightly during penetration. Penetration is deep and very pleasant, and it gets a wonderful view of the action.
– Hunchback Bridge: Not that this position is a challenge! It requires your partner to be very strong and flexible. He begins lying on the ground and then lifted himself on the floor in a “bridge” or crab. You astride carefully and make grinding movements, rotating the hips.
– In the style of Anjou: You both lie on your sides with your bottom against his pelvis and he penetrates you, keeping your hands free to caress you. This gentle position is also suitable for women during the first five months pregnant.
– The Crab: You lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest while he enters from a kneeling position. This is a very nice position as the vagina tightens around the penis.
– Dividing a bamboo: You lie on your back and put one leg over the shoulder of her partner, the other leg on the bed spread. Then alternate so the leg is stretched over his shoulder and raised leg is extended.

Guptaang ke Balo ki Safai

Guptaang ke balo ki safai before Suhagraat

Beauty or khoobsoorti sirf Upar ki saf safai and makeup hi se nahi hoti real beauty ke liye under se bhi body ki care zaruri hoti hai. Age ki growth ke sath sath ladka ladki ki body me kafi changes ate rahetay hai. kisi kisi larke ke ling ke aspas and larki ki yoni ke aspas 16 years old age me halke brown color ke bal ajat hai and kuch hi salo me yeah bal kale ghere rang ke ho jate hai. Her girl and boy ke Guptaang / Sex Part ke bal different age me aasakte hai kisi ke jaldi and kisi ke late ho sakte hai. Saf-safai ke liye in hair remove kare, time to time clean karna very important hai health ke lye or har 15 dino me iski safai zaroori hoti hai warna Sex power me aage chalk e kami aa sakti hai.

How To Clean Pubic Hair

Guptaang ke balo ki safai
Special jab aap bade ho jaye and aap ki wedding night I mean suhagrat ki raat aane wali ho ye most important ho jata hai ki aap ke sex organ ki jagah ke baal saaf ho. because ab aap ko apne sahrir body ko apne pati (husband) or patni (wife) ke samne open karna hota hai un ke samne apni dress yahantak apne under wear tak ko utar kar sambhog / Sex karna hota hai aise me agar Dulha apne ling ke balo ki ya Dulhan apni yoni ke balo ki safai, Hair remove na kare to it is so bad or apas me ek guilty sa feel hota hai. Yea bhahut gandi baat hoti hai. and phir Dulha or Dulhan ka first time hi impression achcha nahi padta and sambhog (sex) me ya sex karne ke interest me kami aasakti hai. Saf safai se hi Mard Aurat ke beech attraction bana rehta hai.

Apne Sex Parts Ko Healthy Rakhe
Apni First Night Ko Apne Badan Ki Poori Safai Zaroori Hai
Suhagraat ke liye special and normal life me time to time apne body ke Guptaang Pubic hair saf karte rahe and baghal ke balo ki bhi safai rakhe is se health better rahegi or paseene ki bu nahi hoti and aap under se bhi beautiful nazar aayenge Suhagrat me special aap ka impression best rahega. This is small tip but most important because health is very important and special for long sex life. Suhagraat is most important night in life. Keep body need and clean every time and every moment for better sex life.
How To Increase Sex Time?

Agar Shadi Ke Kuch Salo Baad apka Sex Long Time tak nahi ho pata apki sex power me kami ho gai hai to Night King Sex Delay Liquid Ka Istemal Kare or apni sex life ko khoobsoorat palo me lejay, Long Time Sex ye sunte hi log mayoosh ho jate hai kiyon ki aaj kafi mashera is pareshani se do chaar hai.
Kaise kare Long Sex Or Long Sex Ka Faida
Long Sex Karne Ke Liye NIGHTKING Delay Liquid Jo Totally Herbal hai iske istemal ke baad apka sex power or time me azafa hota hai, Long Time Tak intercourse karne se apki wife ko sex ka maza milta hai or agli baar ke liye wo aapse sex karne ki chahat khud rakhti hai, kiyon ki zyada time tak mubasherat karne se bivi ki vagina me bharpoor climax aata hai or wo kai baar orgasms hasil karti hai. Bivi ko orgasm har mard nahi de pata kiyon ki mard jald jadh jate hai I mean early discharge ki wajah se inme sex khatm ho jata hai or partner ko climax tak nahi pahoncha pate. Agar patni ki har baar aap bina sukoon dilay sex khatam kardonge to slowly ladies sex me bhagi daar kam hone lagti hai unko under sexual desire ki kami aa jati hai or wo sex karna na pasand karti hai, isi liye bivi ko behad zaroori hai ki uski bhi khushi ka poora dheyan rakhe sex karte samay foreplay ka time badhay or bivi ko orgasms har haal me dena zaroori samjhe. Agar mard ka ejaculation time badh jay to ladies ko orgasms hasil ho jata hai 15 se 20 minutes ke andar, magar aaj kal ke nawjawan sirf 1-2 minutes me khel khatam kardete hai or apne partner ko khushi nahi de pate, jiski karan azdawaji zindagi me pareshaniya paida ho jati hai. Aise logo ke liye Nightking Sex Delay qudrat ka bahetareen tohfa hai.

Top 10 Sex Foods For Increase Sexual Desire

Foods For Increase Sex Power Naturally

Natural libido-boosting foods

Apne Sex Power Ko Kayse Badhay

Best Sex Power Foods

Best Sex Power Foods

Want to improve your performance in the bedroom or stay long on bed? Some Changing in Eat your way to a better sex life with these passion-inducing foods

Agar Aap Chahete Ho Ek Lambe Sex i mean long time sex power to apne jiven me in anginat foods / frout ka istemal kare or apne sex desire ko asani se powerfull banay

Sex Power Kam Hone Ki Wajah

There are a number of reasons why your sex life may have lost its sizzle, but you can help put the va-va-voom back into the bedroom with these lust-inducing foods.

Leading sex medicine company We-Vibe reveals what should be eating down dinner put that spark back in your libido.


The name of this South American fruit is derived from the Aztec Nahuatl language, which means “testicle” – a name chosen for the unusual shape of the fruit.

It may seem a bit much for us, but avocados have some sexy benefits. They are rich in saturated fats, which are very healthy for the heart.

And a healthy heart keeps the blood flow to all the right places. Men with underlying heart disease are twice as likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction, so feel free to add extra avocado slices to your salad.

AGUACATES ye ek aisa phal hai jiske istemal se apka dil / heart sehat mand ho jata hai or ek health DIL jism me sahi miqdaar me blood cerculate karta hai jiski wajah se aapki ling me tightenes or erectile dysfunction ka problem khatam ho jata hai.


These healthy nuts is said to act as a sexual stimulant and an aid to fertility, so if you’re trying to have a baby, start snacking.

They are rich in nutrients and various minerals that are important for sexual health and reproduction, including zinc, selenium and vitamin E. Zinc may also help improve sexual desire.

Almonds / Badam ek aisi giza hai jiske istemal se apki sehat bahetar rahti hai or sex ke ahesasat ko ubharta hai iske istemal se jinlogo ko bachcha paida na hota ho unko bhi faida hota hai ye mani me jaraseem ki miqdaar badhata hai, or isme vitamins e ,zink or loha hota hai.


Do not forget to bring this delicious dessert at your next picnic.

Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin B, which has been linked to higher sperm counts in men.

Go a step further and coat in chocolate as it is full of libido-boosting methylxanthines.

Strawberries se bhi semen me jarasheem badhte hai or isme vitamin b hota hai jiski madad se apka low libido increase hota hai, ise chocolate ke sath lene se acha faida hota hai


These tiny fruits pack some great benefits. They are loaded with calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc that stimulant.

They are also full of fiber, which increases heart health and satisfies hunger without adding to your waistline.

Figures ye bhi vitamin or zink ,potasium , iron, se bharpoor hota hai isse Heart mazboot hota hai, or bhook badhata hai jis se apki sex life bahetar hoti hai.


Poached, scrambled or fried eggs are sure to rev up after a long day of work.

They are packed with protein, which keeps you going without packing on the calories.

They are also an excellent source of amino acids, which combat certain types of heart disease and erectile dysfunction.

EGGS aap ke jism me protien ki miqdaar ko poori karta hai, isme amino acid hota hai jo dilki bimari or early fall me i mean early discharge ki sikayat ko door karta hai


Classic aphrodisiac! Research by the American Chemical Society showed that oysters contain compounds that increase the levels of testosterone and estrogen.

This growth hormone can translate into increased sex drive and stamina. These slimy creatures are another source of zinc to help support blood flow to the genitals in both sexes.

OYSTERS yani seepiya iske istemal se testosterone or estrogen me azafa hota hai jiski karan insaan jald bhuda nahi hota, ye hormone me azafa karta hai or isme samil zink lohe ki wajah se aapke sex drive me azafa hota hai ye male or female dono istemal kar sakte hai apni sex power ko badhane ke liye.


An easy addition of any salad that your sex life may have rockets from mediocre to hot hot.

Cashews and almonds are full of zinc, while nuts are rich in omega-3. This may make you think instantly of fish, but the essential fatty acids found in omega-3 fatty acids help with sexual response by increasing levels of dopamine in the brain that trigger arousal. They are also important for energy, memory, mood, and libido.

NUTS AND SEEDS yani dry frouts or beej, asani ke sath aap koi bhi salad or kachumbar ke istemal se bhi apni sex power ko shahuwat ata kar sakte ho, aise giridaar meveh me Omega 3 bahot hota hai jiase kaju badam me zink se mala maal hota hai or ye machliyo me bhi milta hai insab se dimagh ki soch ki salahit me azafe ke sath sath low libido yani sex drive me azafa hota hai


The nutrient citrulline found in watermelon may have Viagra-like effect on the body as it boosts nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels.

This is the same effect as Viagra is used to treat erectile dysfunction.

WATERMELON yani tarbooz ye khoon me nitric oxide badhata hai, jis ki wajah se jis tarah viagra istemal kiya jata hai erectile dysfunction ke liye thik usi tarah penis me tightenes ke liye tarbooz ka istemal bahetar hai

Black Raspberries

We used to enjoy taking them out the bushes when we were younger and now these berries can keep the bedroom boredom at bay. This rich in phytochemicals both improves libido and sexual stamina.

Black Raspberries ek aisa phal hai jo aapke libido me azafa karta hai or sex ki chahat ko badhata hai, aurat ki sex karne ki chahat me bhi istemal hota hai.

Ginseng Tea

Excessive drinking coffee regularly leads to over-stimulation of the adrenal glands, flooding the body with hormones normally produced in times of stress.

These hormones negatively affect libido and sexual performance. Alternatively, try ginseng tea containing ginsenoside compound that increases sexual satisfaction and can prevent erectile dysfunction.

Ginseng Tea iske istemal se apka dimaghi tension door hota hai or sex power me azafa hota hai lekin iska istemal zaroorat se ziyadah na kare. iske istemal se aapki sex ki chahat badhti hai or erectile dysfunction ki problem khatam hoti hai.

Long Time Sex Tips

increase sexual stamina naturally

Agar aap in sab nuskhe ka istemal karte ho to aapki sex life me kafi kuch sudhaar ajayga or aapki sex drive me badhotri ho jaygi, iske sath agar aap ek achchi SEX LIFE guzarna chahte ho to “NIGHTKING Sex Delay Liquid” ka istemal ek baar zaroor kare jiske istemal se apka sex time naturally 30 minutes se lekar 2 Hrs. tak ho sakta hai. Ye ek tree ka gond hai i mean tree liquid poori taour par herbal or natural hai Night King ke istemal se aapki sex drive me bahetari ajati hai.

Long Time Sex Medicine in Hindi

How To Play Long Sex on Bed

long time sex karne ki tips

barish or long sex

barish or long sex

Nightking Ka Upyog Kis Ke Liye hai?

  1. Aap agar long time tak sex / sambhog  ke liye samay se pahelay ejaculate ho jate ho, Ye virya ko rokne ke liye dava hai, jayse ki market me aaj bahot se delay spray maujood hai anand lene ke liye, lekin is ke istemal se penis ki skin numb / sunn ho jati hai jis ki karan sex ka maza kam ho jata hai,
  2. Ye log jo bahot jyada sex / humbistari ka anand lena chahte hai magar unka ling sunn hone se  anand le nahi pate or sex life me unko nukshaan hota hai.
  3. Ya phir Aap long time sex / sambhog ki khusi ke liye bazar se koi bhi upyog dava ya viyagra ka prakaran or sex delay ki goliyo ka istemal kar kar ke thak chuke hai.
  4. Ya phir Aap long sex karne ke liye aise spray jaise ki stud 1000, delayed spray jaise long sex spray ka istemal kar chuke ho magar ab aap logo ko us dawai se time nahi milta sex ke samay ko badhane ke liye.

To ab keya kare Long Sex Kaise Kare

Aysi Condition me Nightking long sex / sambhog delay liquid aap ke liye sahi ho sakta hai.

Sirf Night King Ke Ek Bund (Only One Drop) ke istemal se aap ki sex problem solved ho jaygi, aap only ek drop penis / ling kea age ke hisse par lagay sex karne se pahelay or long sex ka maza le.


Long time sex medicine

Long time sex medicine

Iske alava, aise sab herbal delay ejaculation / sex me deri karne ke medicine or spray me rasayano par bharosa nahi keya ja sakta. In rasayano duara kuch hi aisi herbal medicine hai jinse faida hota hai, jo Aap ke ling ko sunn nahi karti hai. Nightking bhi inme se ek hai jo ki aap ke penis ko sunn nahi karti ye aap ke ling ko sunn nahi hone deta or na hi sex ka ahesaas kam karta hai, Nightking sadiyo se duniya ke rain forest khas taur par brazil ke barsati janglaat me paya jata hai, is par paryogh duara ye sabit huwa hai ke ise surakṣit sabhi prakr̥tik vanaspati aur herbal ke sath kiya sumaar kiya jata hai, iske istemal se koi side effect nahi hote.

Aap ek sarmanak samasya se chutkare ke liye apko ek sahi raste ki talas karni hoti hai or ye rashta hamesha herbal chikista dawai duwara hi hall hota hai yaha long time tak sex / sambhog  ke ayurvedic herbs bhi hai. Yah puri tarah se penis ke andar dry ho jata hai, or Aap  apne sathi ko pata kiye bina iska istemal kar sakte hai, ye premature ejaculation ka achcha hal hai jinlogo ko early discharge in sex ho jata hai unka nightking ke istemal ke baad 20/25 minutes ka sex time badh jata hai, aap iska istemal kis tarah kare yani nightking ko kayse istemal kare ye hum image duara dikha rahe hai,

How to Use Nightking Long Sex Time Medicine

Usage of Nightking to enjoy long sex time,

how use nightking

how use nightking

  1. Take a small piece of Night king onto your palm
  2. Drip 5 drops of water on this
  3. Rub with your finger for about 1 minute
  4. Apply only 1 drop of  this liquid on to the head of your penis only top area
  5. Wash after 15 minutes with water & soap


Nightking kaise ejaculation  ko delay karta hai?

Night king long sex liquid ke istemal ki karan aap ke ling me tight pan barkarar raheta hai or aap ka sex time badh jata hai, yani ki jo log sex me 2 se 3 minutes me virya nikal dete hai or apne sex partner ko sex ka anand nahi de pate unlogo ko jab night king delau liquid diya gaya tab ek anokha result dekhne me aya ki ve apne sex stamina power ko control kar lene me safalta hasil kar rahe the unlogo ka sex ka time 1 ghante se bhi ziyada raha or unke sex partner ko sex ka maza yani orgasms 4 se 5 baar mila. Jiski karan unki personal life bahot achchi ho gai. Or iske istemal se aurat ke vagina me koi asar nahi ata iska koi saide effect vagina / yoni me nahi hota kiyon ki ye ek qudrati medicine hai.

Keya Night king Safe hai

Keya Nightking ka istemal daily kiya ja sakta hai?

Ji Han, Nightking poori taur par Safe hai iska koi side effect nahi hota ye seedha brazil ke rain forest se hasil hota hai or aap ke pass usi shakl surat me pahonchaya jata hai, jaise kisi lakdi ka tukda hota hai, asl me ye ek tree / darakht ki gond / gum hai jo us tree se nikal kar jam jati hai, or usi shakl me aap tak hum pahonchate hai, jiski karan aap jab isko pani me mila kar apne penis par lagate ho to ye iska asar aap ke ling ki skin me pahonchata hai, jiski karan aap ka ejaculation control me raheta hai or aap jaldi nahi jhadte sex ke daoran. Iska istemal sadiyon se kiya jar aha hai, kiyon ki ye ek kudrat kid ain hai isko humne nahi banaya, isliye jab tak brazil ke rain forest / barsati janglaat hai hum is se faida utha sakte hai, or sayad ek waqt aisa bhi aye ga ki hum is anmol jadi booti se maheroom ho jayge. Isi liye aap apni poori life ke liye bhi isko reserve kar sakte ho ye kabhi nahi kharab hone wali jadi booti hai, iski koi expiry nahi aap isko kabhi bhi pani me mix kar ke apne ling kea age ke hisse par laga sakte ho or apna sex jivan ka anand hamesha khud bhi or apne partner ko bhi de sakte ho.

Sex Power Tips

How To Increase Sex Power

At any given time, 5,000 people are having sex in the world. So ‘touch’ is the most happening or thing “swing” in the world. Sex is not about to do stay long in bed. The three attributes that can help you in building an effective relationship with women include – your caring nature, communication skills and attitude of confidence. “Talking Lusty ‘during sex can help stimulate women even more. They tease her and make her feel desirable and you are sure to make her orgasm, even if their performance is below sexual desire.

sex power hindi

sex power hindi

Kayse Badhay Sex Power 

  1. If the sweat during sex do not worry – sweating men ooze testosterone and is a biological shift in women.
  2. During sex keep the room warm rather than cold. So maybe turn off the air conditioner if necessary or turn lower. The heat causes dilation of blood vessels and inflammation of the penis and vagina and redness of the skin. The heat makes you flush during sex. “
  3. If you want your girl to become pregnant make sure you give her a great orgasm. The chances of pregnancy increase because the contraction of the pelvic muscles during orgasm help sperm move through the birth canal and fertilize the eggs.
  4. If your child has a headache and no pills available give a great orgasm and this can relieve your headache. Sex is known to treat headaches due to the release of morphine as pain killer substances called brain endorphins.
  5. Big orgasm also requires you enjoy some foreplay. Gently touching, stroking, sucking and licking her nipples partners, thighs, vagina and clitoris are sometimes enough to start the orgasm. Keep the great act to the end.
  6. Stimulate the clitoris with your fingers gently stroking the area. Remember the sensory nerve fibers have the highest concentration around the clitoris, followed by the lips and the outer third of the vagina.
  7. Find her G-spot – G-spot stimulation can give a woman a big orgasm. Usually it is in the front section of the vaginal wall between the vaginal opening and the cervix. Use your fingers to caress the front of the vagina during intercourse and the best way to stimulate her G-spot is the insertion of the penis back. If the G-spot and clitoris is stimulated at the same time is likely to have “a hell of an orgasm ‘is unlikely to forget the woman.
  8. Early morning sex is also a great option if you are tired of the night. You can get additional help from the surge of testosterone in the morning. Blood levels of testosterone are highest just before dawn and are 40% higher than at night.
  9. Keep your ‘ass’ in shape – a man’s buttocks are the most admired part of the body of a man by women.
  10. Age is not a factor in sex as much as it is for women. Studies show that even if you have more than 70 years the chances of its powerful being is over 74%. Actor Anthony Quinn fathered a baby at the age of 82 years.

How to Increase Sex Power With Nightking

Nightking Delay Liquid facilitates in treating male impotency also known as mens Premature ejaculation or early discharge during sex. The consumption of our tablets helps in increasing the blood flow to male genital organ and make the men arouse their desire & maintain an erection for hours. Further more, the effect of these rejuvenate herbs lasts till the time user is indulged in love making stay long sex power on bed.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Premature Ejaculation Treatment

We have all seen in movies and read about it. While on the big screen, premature ejaculation may seem funny in real life can be nothing more embarrassing or unfair to him. Premature ejaculation means your sexual pleasure is only of short duration and not even be able to take your partner to a climax.

sexual disorders among partners.

sexual disorders among partners

आनंद से भरपूर सम्भोग कैसे करे – Sex Ki Jankari Hindi

यहाँ हम आपको बतायगे की सेक्स में पुरुष और महिला को आनंद कैसे दिलाया जाय. महिलाओ का सेक्स पावर काफी ज़ियादा होता है एक मर्द के मुकाबिल मे. मगर आदमियो का सीमेन / मणि उनके लिंग से सेक्स के दौरान जल्द निकल जाना ये एक समस्या है, जिसकी वजा से स्त्री को सेक्स का आनंद मज़ा नहीं मिल पता है, आज आयुर्वेदिक में ऐसी मेडिसिन है जो आपका सम्भोग टाइम बढ़ा सकती है, जिसका नाम है “Night king Sex delay Liquid” नाईट किंग स्टे लॉन्ग लिक्विड इस ओसद का इस्तेमाल कर पुरुस अपना सेक्स का टाइम २ से ३ घंटा कर सकते है और अपने सेक्स पार्टनर को सेक्स का भरपूर मज़ा दे सकते है sex oil ke sath,



It is a fact that premature ejaculation affects men who have frequent sex. Lower frequency of sexual activity, the more likely it would be to get excited or even extra excited when really give you the opportunity for sexual liberation. This enthusiasm can lead to premature ejaculation. Because of this, there is no way premature ejaculation can be separated from her sense of sexual prowess in bed. The worst part is, this is almost cyclical. If you experience premature ejaculation, there are good chances that you may be so anxious about it during intercourse, you either can not get an erection or you can ejaculate prematurely anyway.

So what to do?

early discharge problem

early discharge problem

Premature ejaculation is a common complaint. So the first thing to do is breathe easy about it. If you have premature ejaculation, there is nothing wrong or over-the-top of it. Is a common condition that many men suffer occasionally. Just because you have ejaculated prematurely today, does not mean it will always happen

Both psychological and physiological factors that come into play when it comes to premature ejaculation. Unfortunately, many men are embarrassed to talk about it and do not seek help, prolonging a condition that could have been easily cured. So the first thing is that you should talk to someone. Consult your doctor or a sexologist and discuss their problems with them. If you want discretion, may prove a cure premature ejaculation ayurvedic too.

Are You More Prone to Ejaculating Prematurely?

Although anyone could experience this problem, some men are more prone to it than others. This is what can increase the risk of premature ejaculation:

Long-term Illness: If you have been sick for a long time, sex still not always being nice. If you are thinking about your health problems during their sexual encounter, or if your mind is not in sexual activity being performed, it is very likely going to end premature ejaculation.
Stress full life: Any emotional or mental stress and anxiety can lead to poor performance in bed. This is often a risk factor for erectile dysfunction.
Medications: Some medications alter the activity reflects their sexual organs. This means that while you are taking these medicines, you may have no control over your ejaculations.
Erectile dysfunction: If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, or if you have problems maintaining consistent erection, you can be sure of their ability to climax before going limp. This may indicate that rushes through their sexual encounters, therefore ejaculate long before his boat partner.

How To Control Premature Ejaculation Naturally?

You do not have to undergo extensive therapies and take a spectrum of drugs to treat your condition. Herbal believes premature ejaculation to be completely normal as well and therefore, there are ways to approach this problem naturally for first usage of Nightking Delay Liquid . Herbal Expert has created the perfect package for curing early ejaculation and unsatisfactory sexual intercourse. Nightking , which has to be used over a period of a day, helps normalize hormonal imbalance and checks your ejaculatory mechanism to ensure everything is in proper working order. This helps you improve your libido and enhance your sexual prowess so stay long on bed. No longer would you be anxious about your sexual encounters, because this package contains 100% natural ingredients that act as stress busters for you so that you can stay long on bed. This is the best cure for premature ejaculation because you can begin to see the results almost immediately or first usage. Additionally, there are no side effects and therefore Nightking Sex Delay Liquid can be used without any hesitation.

Nightking Wholesale

Nightking Stay Long Medicine Wholesale

Supplements for Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Besides exercises and medication, there are several alternative supplements available which claim to help men with premature ejaculation. While most do not hold up to their promise, there is one that seems to be very effective Night King Delay Liquid. Nightking sex delay liquid has been developed as a pure natural treatment option to provide relief for Premature Ejaculation and long lasting,stay long satisfactory sexual encounters. During the ongoing study, Nightking has proven itself to be very effective in relieving symptoms of premature ejaculation and delayed your fast ejaculation. So far, over 99% of men have reported some sort of improvement from NK.

How To Cure Premature Ejaculation naturally

How To Cure Premature Ejaculation Naturally

Condoms and local Anesthetics spray applied directly to the penis are also helpful aide relieving the symptoms of premature ejaculation.

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Penis Enlargement Capsules and Oil

India’s Largest Selling Penis Enlargement Pills And Oil

PENIS ENLARGEMENT CAPSULES AND OIL is a Dietary Supplement beneficial for Erectile Dysfunction. This is one of the best Herbal Remedies. Iqra Herbal is a breakthrough formula in the natural sexual enhancement solutions worldwide.

Herbal Penis enlargement Treatment

Penis Enlargement Capsules and Oil


Herbal Penis Enlargement Pills Increase Your Penis Size Naturally

PENIS ENLARGEMENT CAPSULES AND OIL has got all that a man and women want from a sex supplement. It is a successful and unique formulation of rare and precious herbs that works as a natural sex enhancer. PENIS ENLARGEMENT CAPSULES AND OIL resolves all of your sex related problems and makes your married and sex life more enjoyable and fulfilled. PENIS ENLARGEMENT CAPSULES AND OIL works as an herbal tonic that is as good for overall health as it is for sex related problems.


Penis Enlargement Oil Benefits: Increases Size 1.5-2 inches in just 2 month.

Penis Enlargement Oil Use Karne Ka Faida apne ling ka size 1 se 2 inches tak badao

PENIS ENLARGEMENT Oil IN INDIA (penis enlargement oil ) with 100% safe Ayurvedic Preparation blended with essential secret aphrodisiac herbs suitable for treating Penis size and erection problem. is genuine NATURAL PENIS ENLARGEMENT IN INDIA for Longer, Stronger and Harder Erection.

Penis Enlargement Oil is conceived to directly load the testosterone with Vitamin E and other therapeutic herbs to the penile tissues and cells. This will assist rejuvenate the neuroarterial synapses for cell regeneration.

Penis Enlargement Oil in India (penis enlargement oil ) is know as Magic Oil for Man it cure many Problem related to Penis like Small Penis Size, Thickness of Penis, Premature Ejaculation, Smaller or no Erection etc.

Penis Enlargement Course

  • 2 Months Course
  • 2 x 60 ml bottle.
  • 3 times a day with proper instruction.
  • Instruction Video with pack.
  • Increases size 1.5-2 inches. (is se ziyada kahi nahi milta humen skin itni hi stretch hoti hai)
  • Pure ayurvedic with 100 % Result. No Side Effect Guaranteed

How Penis Enlargement Oil Works

When Penis Enlargement Oil rubbed on Penis it absorbed into the Blood Stream and increases the blood circulation and expand the interior cavity of the penis. As a result it causes your erectile chamber (corpora cavernosa) to expand and enlarge.

Penis Enlargement Benifits 

Ling Ke Size ko Badhane ka faida or sex me time tak tike rahena ye umooman lambe ling se sanbhao hai

  • Increases size by 1.5-2 inches.
  • Gives Bigger, Harder, and Stronger Erections.
  • Increases sex timing.
  • Enhanced Sex Drive and Libido
  • More Intense Ejaculations
  • Increases strenght of Penis.
  • Pure ayurvedic with 100 % Result.


Penis Enlargement IH4 Oil Side Effects

Penis Enlargement IH4 Oil is 100% Ayurvedic Oil with no Side effects. As Oil is external use oil, so it is 100% Safe.

Penis Enlargement Oil and Capsules Packing

Penis Enlargement Oil will be delivered in Secret Packing with invisible wrapper contains only Customers Address. No Product Name or Brand Name or any type of Product details avaible on the Packet for Customers secrecy.

Penis Enlargement Oil Contains

Kalaunji oil (small fennel/nigella seed)

Dhatura ext. (datura stramonium)

Sura sar (nitrre saltpetre)


Premature Ejaculation Problem in India

Bharat me sab se ziyada pay jani wali sex bimari sambhog ke waqt jald jhad jana mani ka jald nikal jana

Thousands men around the world suffered with Premature ejaculation, in fact surveys shows that over 30% of men ejaculate within the first 2 minutes of sexual intercourse. In many cases men can ejaculate as soon as they enter the vagina, or even before getting it. This is crippling for a mans confidence and can have a significant negative impact on a relationship. Premature Ejaculation can be the cause of depression in men and an unsatisfactory sex life can downfall of the strongest relationship.

indian sex stamina tablets

indian sex stamina tablets nightking

Nightking Delay Power  For Premature ejaculation is most effective all-natural herbal supplement that can help to cure premature ejaculation and give you back the control on your sexual performance. Nightking Delay Power For Premature ejaculation successfully slows down the production of sexual hormones and giving you extended penetration time. Numbers of patient have noticed lasting 5-10 minutes longer within the first few days of takingNightking Delay Power For Premature ejaculation , with no decrease sexual pleasure. Usually the problem will be permanently resolved by taking a three month course. In some circumstances a repeat 3 months course is required. Nightking Delay Power For Premature ejaculation is a breakthrough in natural healthcare and the #1 leading product on the market. Imagine if you could last 5 – 10 times longer, and never have to worry about the embarrassment of ejaculate too quickly.

Does Nightking Delay Power For Premature ejaculation really work?

Yes! A series of clinical trials on patients was conducted, and recorded a near 92% success rate, with 70% of subjects being errantly cured of the problem, once the 3 month course was finished. Nightking Delay Power For Premature ejaculation supports your bodies normal sexual function, by working on the part of the brain that causes you to ejaculate, normalizing your natural hormone levels and allowing you complete control over when you ejaculate. The effects start just within the week of starting the course. Within the first week you will have natural control over when you ejaculate, without any loss of sensitivity. In fact many patients report heightened pleasure when reaching orgasm.

How do I take it?

The usual dose is 1 time with milk 5gm Power And daily for the first 2 weeks. After which you can stop taking Nightking Delay Power For Premature ejaculation and you will no longer suffer this problem. In some cases an ongoing course or a repeat course is required.

Is this only for premature ejaculation sufferers?

Although Nightking Delay Power For Premature ejaculation is formulated to help men overcome premature ejaculation, it can also be taken by those men who simply want to last longer and have more stamina during love making.

Are there any side effects?

You should experience no side effects when using Nightking Delay Power For Premature ejaculation , 100% herbal and natural product.


penis size and growth formula in herbal

Herbal Penis Size Medicine

What are the ingredients?

Nightking is the totally Herbal Product it’s found brazil rain forest, any other ingredients can’t be mix in this medicine it’s like a tree skins

Increase Sex Time in Hindi

How to Increase Sex Time in Hindi for full Enjoyment

Buniyadi taor per yeh post mardon ke liye likhi gai hai. Iss me ziyada tar aisi malomat farhahem ki gai hain jin ki madad se aap na sirf majmuie taor per apni azdawaji zindagi ko khushgawar bana sakegay bul ke khas taor per mard hazraat apni bivi ko ziyada jinsi khushiyan mohiya kar sake ge. Doosri taraf “azdawaji khushiyan khawateen ke liye” me ziyada tar aisi cheezon ka zikar hai jin ki madad se wife apney shohar ko bhar poor jinsi lutf farahem karsakayngi. Behtar hai ka mard hazrat khawateen wali book ka bhi baghor muta’alla karein. Jab aap en book me farahem ki gai informaation per amal kareyngai to khawateen na sirf jinsi amal me bhar poor shirkat kareingi bul ke en ko bhi aap ki tarhan iss raat ka be chaeni se intezar hoga jis me inhein bhi bharpur jinsi lutf or sukoon miley ga.

Longer Lasting Sex Tips in Hindi

Longer Lasting Sex Tips in Hindi

Female Orgasm Kafi Important hota hai – For Good Sex Life.

India me amooman khawateen jinsi zindagi me bharpur shirkat nahi kartin or woh bilkul inactive rehti hain. Iss ki ek wajah mashraqi sharam o haya hai or doosri sex ke hawaley se adam malomat jis ki wajah se woh sex se puri tarhan lutfandooz nahi hotin. Iss liye woh sex muhaiyya karney ko bhi shohar ke dosre kamon maslan dress press karna, shoes polish karna waghaera ki tarha ek kaam samajhti hain jisse woh bilkul enjoy nahi kartin magar na chahtey huai bhi unhein yeh karna parta hai. Doosri taraf mard aurat ke jinsi taqazon se puri tarhan aagah nahi. Ise pata hi nahi ke aurat ko jinsi taor per baidar hone ke liye mard se 10 guna or orgasm hasil karney ke liye 4 guna Ziyada waqt ki zaroorat hai. Ise to yeh pata bhi nahi ke 80% aurtein sirf mubashrat (SEX ) or dakhool se jinsi etminaan nahi hasil kartiin hain. Jis ki wajah se woh bivi ki jinsi zindagi ko na sirf pur lutf nahi bana saktey hain bul ke aksariyat to inn ko mutmain bhi nahi kar paati. Iss jinsi adam itminaan ki wajah se kuch khawateen burai ki taraf nikal jaati hain. Kuch alaehdgi ikhtiyar karleti hain or ek bari tadaad ghutt kar reh jati hai. Puri duniya me shohar bivi ke 90% jhagrey ghaer mutawazen mubashrat (SEX ) ka naateja hain. Humarey yahan gharelu jhagron ki ek bohut bari wajah jinsi adam itmenaan hai. Doosri taraf yeh baat bhi saamney ai hai ke woh shadi jis me sex bharpur ho ziyada khushgawar or derpa hoti hai. Yanin khushgawar jinsi zindagi khushion ki ek ahem kaleed hai. Ba alfaaz degar azdawaji zindagi ko khushgawar or purjosh banane ke liye sex ka kirdar buniyadi hai.
Sex me Male or Female Ka Rule:

indian sex stamina tablets

indian sex stamina tablets

• Sab se pehlay aap bhi is article ko lazmi parhain or apni wife ko bhi parhayn. Iss article ko parhney se ap ki bivi na sirf aap ko be panah jinsi lazzat or sukoon de sakey gi bul ke aap ke jinsi masail maslan early discharge etc ko hal karney me bhi aap ki madad kar sakey gi. Bivi ki madad se iss masley ko aasani se hal kiya ja sakta hai. Iss article ke muta’alley ke baghaer bivi aap ko bharpur azdawaji khushiyan na de sakey gi. India me Azdawaji khushiyon ke rastey me sab se bari rukavat mahol hai. Azdawaji lutf angaezi ke liye mahol pursukoon ho.
• Shor o ghul mard ke jazbaat ko foran sard kar deta hai. Usooli taor per shohar bivi ke liye alag room hona chahiyie jo har qisim ki madakhilat se mahfooz ho. Badqismati se Humarey yahan taqreeban 90% shohar bivi ko alag room nahi milta. Jiski wajah se inn ko hamesha bachon ke jag janay, kisi ke aa janay ka dar hota hai ya “pakrey” janay ka khauf hota hai. Chunancha hamarey yahan 90% log azdawaji zindagi se bharpur lutf andoz nahi ho saktey. Kyun ke iss soorat me shohar “kaam” ko jald niptana chata hai. Ise foreplay ka moqa nahi milta jab ke bivi ke liye kam se kam half hour ke foreplay ki zaroorat hai. Naatejatan biviyan orgasm hasil nahi kar patiin or shohar jaldi ki wajah se early discharge ka shikar ho jata hai iske ilaj liye indian sex stamina tablets use kare.
• Humarey yahan early discharge ki ek bari wajah yehi hai. Yeh masla hamari workshop or seminar ke doran me ziyada wazeh ho kar samney aya. Iss ke hal per ghor o fikar kiya gaya ek tajweez yeh samney aee ke cities ki hadood tak government ya miyari private sectaor me “Shadi Halls” ki tarhan “Azdawaji Ghar” qaim hun, jahan kamrey “hujla urusi” ki tarhan sajey huey hun. Yeh room 2 hours ke liye asli shohar bivi ko miyari rent per diye jaein, jahan woh hafta war (weekly) azdawaji lutf utha sakein.
• iss scheme me kharabi ke imkanaat mojood hain. Iss saholat ka ghalat use kiya ja sakta hai. Tahem thorai ghor o fikar ke baad ek pakeeza or qabil e amal system wazeh kiya jana koi mushkil nahi. Room aisi jagah ho ka aap ki awazan dosre log na sun sakein. Bed kafi khula ho take aasani ke sath harkat ki ja sakay. Room ke mahool ko romantic, purkashish or pur issrar banayn. Room ko pur kashish banane ke liye kuch sarmaya kari karein. Iss silsiley me kanjosi na karein. Room ki bedsheet or takiya risshmi, saatin or silki hun. Bister bohut naram na ho iss me fard neechey dhans jata hai or harkat karni mushkil hojati hai. Room ke mahool ko pur asrar or romantic bananey ke liye room me candles roshan karein. Apni pasand ke mutabiq ek ya ziyada candles ki roshni na sirf madham or thandi hoti hai bul ke iss roshni me bivi ziyada khoobsurat or pur kashish nazar aati hai ya phir room ki roshni rangeen or dheemi ho. Sardiyon me aatish dan jalaeyn or iss ke saamney qaleen or gadde rakhain or waha jinsi amal se lutf andooz hun.Jadeed research se maloom hua hai ke sex ka khushboo ke sath gehra ta’alluq hai. Khusbo insan ki khwahish, mohabbat or josh, shahoot ke jazbaat ko ubharti hai. Chunancha jinsi amal se pehley room me donon khusoosan bivi ki pasand ka perfume use karley. Apney dress or jism per bivi ki pasand ka perfume lagaein. Bivi ke jism ke mukhtalif hisson per apni pasand ka perfume chirkein jo bivi ko na pasand na ho. Iss se aap ke mohabbat ke jazbaat khoob bharkein gey or aap sex se ziyada lutf andoz ho sakein gey.
• Bharpur azdawaji khushiyan hasil karney ka buniyadi usool yeh hai ke aap ko pata ho ke aap sex me kya chahtey hain or phir ise hasil karein. Humarey yahan aksar mardon ko pata hi nahi hota ke sex me enhai kiya cheez bharpur jinsi khushi deti hai lehaza sab se pehley aap yeh jannay ke aap sex me chaatey kiy ahain? iss ka ek aasan tareeqa yeh hai ke aap ki bivi aap ke jism ko mukhtalif andaaz se mushta’el karey. Iss se aap ko pata hojaeyga ka sex me aap ko kon si cheez sab se ziyada lutf deti hai. Iss silsiley main ap mere article se foreplay waley post ka baghor muta’alla karein. Iss ke elawa aap khud bhi mukhtalif tajurbaat karein, or phir note karein ke aapko kiya acha lagta hai. Iss silsiley me mahireen ka khayal hai ke shadi ke shuru ke dinon me shohar bivi ek dosre ki pasand, na pasand or tarjeehat se aagah hun jaien. Phir bivi ko bataein ke aap ko sex me kya acha lagta hai. Iss tarhan iss se poochein ke woh kya chahti hai. Aap ise kahan or kaise mushta’el karein. Agar aap sharmeeley hain or jhijhak ki wajah se zabani apni zarooriyat se bivi ko agah nahi kar saktey to iss ka ek hal yeh hai ke pehley aap tasawwur me practice karein. Yani aap tasawwur karein ke aap apni zarooriyat se apni bivi ko aagah kar rahey hain. Bari tafseel ke sath tasawwur karein kaee din ki practice ke baad jab aap tasawwur me batatey huey pursukoon mehsoos karein to phir haqeeqat me apni bivi ko apni pasand or na pasand se aagah karein. Yeh guftogu mubashrat (SEX ) ke foran baad ki ja sakti hai. Behtar hai ke iss waqt karein jab aap donon pursukoon hun. Bivi per tanqeed na karein, ilzam na dein. Behtar hai ke guftogu masbat ho. Yeh bataney ke bajaey ke aap ko kya na pasand hai yeh bataein ke aap ko kya pasand hai.


• Agar aap apni bivi ke saath sex ke mozou per khul kar guftugu nahi kar saktey to aap ek or tariqey se apni bivi ko apni jinsi zarooriyat se agah kar saktey hain. Maslan sex me jo cehzain aap ko kam mil rahi hain yeh nahi mil rahin en ke hawaley se bivi ko ek khuab sunayn ise baatein ka aap nay khuab me dekha jis me bivi woh sab kuch kar rahi the jo aap chaatey hain. Ise tafseel ke saath baatein ise baatein ka iss se aap ko bai pannaah lutf mila. Umeed hai ka iss guftogu ke baa dap ko woh sab kuch mil jaeyga. Bivi ko en cheezon ke barai me bataein jo woh aap ko pehley hi de rahi hai. Ise bataein ke yeh cheezain aap ko be hud pasand hain. Aa’enda yeh cheezain aap ko ziyada mileyngi. Woh cheezain jo aap ko kam milti hain ya nahi miltiin inke barai me bivi se iss tarhan baat karein ke woh cheezain aap ko pehley hi mil rahi hain. Maslan ise kahein ke mubashrat (SEX ) me iss ka aap ke khusyon ko chaernaa aap ko be hud lutf deta hai (Halan ke iss ney shayad hi kabhi aisa kara ho) bohut had tak emkan hai ke aap yeh cheezain mustaqbil me hasil kar sake gai.
• Bivi ko apni zarooriyat bataney ka ek tariqa yeh bhi hai ke aap uss ke saath wohi karein jo aap chahtey hain ke woh aap ke sath karey. Phir ise bata bhi dein ke aap ka kiya maqsad hai yeh phir iss ke hath ko pakrain. Iss ki fingers me ungli daleyn or apney pasandeeda maqam dabain or raftar ke hawaley se iss ki rehnumaee karein. Hab woh theek kare to yeh baatanay ke liye ke aap ko pasand hai karhanay ki khushgawar awazain nikaleyn. Amooman shohar bivi ki pasand ek jaeysi nahi hoti. Ek dosre ki pasand me farq hota hai. Ek ko ek cheez pasand hai to dosre ko doosri. Maslan ek ko mubashrat (SEX ) ke waqt andhera pasand hai jab ke dosre ko halki roshni. Iss sorat me masalehat ka rawayya ikhtiyaar karein yani kuch mano or kuch manwaoo. Ek bar aap apni pasand ki cheez hasil kare or doosri bar bivi ki pasand ki cheezain iss ko dein.
• Aisa bhi ho sakta hai ke sex kabhi sirf bivi ke liye ho or kabhi sirf shohar ke liye. Ya pehley bivi ki zaroorat puri karein phir apni. Iss dorann me donon ko pata chal jaey ga ke kya karna hai. Iss ke liye iss book me bohut se ideas mojood hain. Ahem baat yeh hai ke ek dosre ke jinsi jazbaat ka ahtram karein.
• Khushgawar or purlazzat jinsi zindagi ka inhisaar shohar bivi ke achey decent ta’alluqat per hai. Khusoosan shohar mohabbat karney wala or khayal rakhney wala ho. Bahmi dosti, ahteram or aitemaad achey ta’alluqat ke liye bohut zaroori hai. Tension or ikhtilafat se bacha jaey khusoosan mubashrat (SEX ) ke waqt.Sex se bharpur taor per lutf andoz hone ke liye waqt, tayyari, mansooba bandi or variety ki zaroorat hai. Aisi sex ke liye jis se donon shohar bivi lutf andooz ho sakein kam az kam ek ghantey ka waqt darkaar hai. Mard sex ke liye foran taiyar ho jata hai jab ke aurat ko kam az kam 30 minutes ki zaroorat hai. Phir 5, 10 minute mubashrat (SEX ) or 5,10 min afterplay ke liye. Jinsi amal ki baqaida tayyari ki jaey, kaam se jald farigh ho jaein. Ghusl karlein, zaroorat ka saman maslan oil or kapra waghaera ikhata karein. Mubashrat (SEX ) se thori der pehley aram se beth jaein or inn jinsi aamal ka jaeza lein jo aap ke liye bohut lutf angaez hain maslan kisi khas qism ka foreplay, koi khas position phir koi aisi activity muntakhib karein jo aap ney kabhi na ki ho or aap iss ka tajurba karna chahtey hain. Iss sarey amal ko pehley tasawwur me karein,
• Iss ki kaee bar mushq karein or phir amali taor per karein. ek hi cheez ko bar bar na karein bul ke takhleeqi banein. New cheezein sochein or phir en per amal kar ke khoob lutf uthain. Har bar ek aadh cheez new sochein or iss per amal karein.
• Jinsi zindagi (sexual life) se bharpur lutf andoz hone ke liye zaroori hai ke aap ko maloom ho ke kin halaat me aap sex se ziyada lutf andoz hotey hain or kin halaat me lutf se mehroom rehtey hain. Iss ke liye ek sada practice karein. Apney mazi ka jaeyza leyn or 2,3 aise waqaiyat yad karein jab aap ke jinsi jazbaat bohut bharke thai or aap nay jinsi amal se lutf uthaya tha. Inn mawaqae ki khas baaton ko note karein, maslan en moqon per aap ziyada pursukoon thai, thake huai na thai bul ke aram dah halat me thai. Sir per kam sawar na tha, jaldi na the, ghusl kiya tha, koi khas perfume lagaya tha. Mubashrat (SEX ) rat ko jaldi ki the, aa’enda inhi halaat me hi jinsi amal se lutf andooz hun. Isi tarhan 2,3 aise waqiyat talash karein jab aap jinsi taor per ziyada mushta’el na thai or aap jinsi amal se ziyada lutf andooz na huai thai balka bore huey thay. Inn moqaon ki khas baaton ko note karein, maslan aap jaldi me thai, thake huey thai koi tension the, bivi se larai hui the, bivi ke jism se naaapasandeeda smell aarahi the, Aa’enda aise halat me jisi amal se perhaiz karein. Kyun ke agar aap bar bar inn halaat me jinsi amal karein gai to ahista ahista aap ki jinsi garam joshi madham par jaeygi.
• Agar aap ko iss tarhan ke sabqa waqiyat yad nahi arahai to aap aa’enda ek month ke Jinsi Zindagi – Sexual Life tajurbaat ka record rakhain or note karein ke kin halat me aap nay sex se ziyada lutf uthaya or kin halaat me bore huey. Phir inn se faida uthaein. Sex timing ki bohut ahmiyat hai. Baaz afraad raat ko jald or baaz der se ziyada lutf uthaatey hain. Isi tarhan baaz raat ke bajaey subah ke waqt ziyada lutf andoz hotey hain. Tajurba karein or note karein ke aap kis waqt (time) sex se ziyada lutf uthaatey hain. Bivi ke sath mil kar taey karein ke jinsi amal weekly yeh monthly kitni bar hoga or kab hoga. Jadeed zaban me iss ko sex date kaha jata hai. Iss sorat nay azdawaji zindagi ke lutf me bohut izafa kar diya hai. Iss sorat me donon ziyada waqt nikal saktey hain. Bharpur tayyari kar saktey hain or sex ki zabardast planning kar saktey hain. Magar kabhi kabhar surprise bhi dein.
• Taey shuda waqt se hatt kar bhi mubashrat (SEX ) karein. Kisi ghaer mutawaqqah jagah maslan bathroom me jinsi amal se lutf uthaein. Jinsi zindagi me josh ko barqarar rakhney ke liye surprise bohut mua’sser hai. Iss me sex date ka tasawwur shuru hi se mojod hai. Hazrat Oas Bin Oas se marwi hai ka Allah ke piyarey nabi Hazrat Muhammad(P.B.U.H) ney farmaya jo shakhs juma ke roz ghusl kare or (bivi se ham bistiri kar ke ise bhi) ghusl karaey (jumma parhney ke liye masjid mein) jald aaey to ise (masjid me janay or anay waley) har qadam ke badley ek saal ke rozey or ek saal ke qayam (raat ki ibadat) ka sawab miley ga. (Tirmizi) Yani Thursday ki raat yeh Friday se pehley mubashrat (SEX ) karna mustahib hai. Behtar hai ke agley din chuti ho take aram kya ja sakay. Pehley se din taey karney ke elawa jinsi amal ke liye koi isharey bhi muqarrar kiye ja saktey hain. Yeh ishaarey bilkul wazeh hun. Ghaer wazeh ishaarey ki sorat me aap bivi ka entizar kartey or kurtai raheingai jab ke woh nahi aaey gi kyun ke ise to program ka pata hi nahi. Yeh ishara din ke kisi waqt ya sham ko kya ja sakta hai.
• Shohar bivi ka ek isshara bhi hosakta hai or mukhtalif bhi. Humarey mahol me jaha shohar bivi ko mukhtalif room mayasser nahin, inn isharon ki ahmiyat ziyada hai.Shadi ke shuru days me shohar bivi mukhtalif aisi cheezon ki list banay jo enhai foreplay or mubashrat (SEX ) me bohut pasand hain magar inhein kam milti hai. Jhijhak ki wajah se woh mang nahi saktey. Apni apni list ko achi tarhan zehen naasheen karleyn. Ab jinsi amal ka aghaz ek khail se karein koi bhi jinsi amal karney se pehley 3 bar toss karein, jo fard toss jeet jaey to jinsi amal iss ki khwahish ke mutabiq hoga. Maslan pehley kaprey kon utarey ga, bivi shohar ke kaprey utarey gi ya shohar bivi ke kaprey utarey ga, mubashrat (SEX ) ki position kon si hogi. Iss ke elawa jitnay wala apney saathi se kahey ga ke woh sex me kya chahta hai. Iss ke liye apni apni list se faida uthaein. Orgasm tak pohonchtey pohonchtey yeh khael kaee bar khela ja sake ga iss sorat me aap woh cheezein bhi aasani se hasil kar sake gai jin ki aap ko shadeed khwahish hai magar jhijhak ki wajah se mang nahi saktey. Sex chahey kitni hi shandaar kyun na ho agar ise hamesha ek hi tareeqey or ek hi jagah kiya jaey to boriyat paida hojati hai. Aurat ko sex variations ki ziyada zaroorat hai. Yaksaniyat se iss ke jazbaat thande par jatey hain. Aurat tabdeeli chahti hai chahey woh bohut hi maamooli ho maslan foreplay me ek ungli se chunay ke bajaey 2 fingers use karian. Aurat sex se iss sorat me ziyada lutf andooz hoti hai. Jab ise yeh pata na ho ke shohar ka next step kiya hoga. Agar ise pata ho ka ab shohar yeh kare ga to iss ke jazbaat madham per jaatey hain. Routine boriyat paida karti hai, or boriyat sex ki qaatil hai, boriyat door karney ke liye mubashrat (SEX ) ke tareqon ki jagah ke lehaz se variety paida ki jaey. Iss ke elawa iss me khaileyn shamil karleyn. Mubashrat (SEX ) ka koi bhi tariqa jald hi apni kashish kho deta hai. Chunancha har bar naya tariqa use kiya jaey. Iss book me iss lehaz se kafi mawad mojod hai. Iss me 50 se Ziyada tariqey shamil hain, Inn ki madad se aap sari zindagi apni azdawaji zindagi ko pur josh rakh saktey hain.
• Kabhi kabhi aam halat me bhi jinsi sukoon ke mutabadil tariqey istemal kiye ja saktey hain. Tanau (erection) ke liye place change karna bhi zaroori hai. Har kamrey or har bed per mubashrat (SEX ) kii jaey. Room ke bajaey sahan mein, poorey moon, stars ki roshni mein, Mattress per, drawing room mein, kitchen mein, baath room mein, shower ke neechey or deyning table per jinsi amal se lutf andooz hua ja sakta hai. Sex me iss tarhan ke khael shamil karke iss ko pur josh banaya ja sakta hai.
• Aap bister per laet jaein or bazo pichli janib kar lein, bivi se kahein ke woh aap ki kaleyyan pechli janib or taangein bed ke sath band dey, magar Ziyada kas kar na bandhai lekin aap khol na sakein, ab bivi apni marzi se aap ke sarey jism ko explore karey. Jo chahey karey, yeh baat exciting hai. Iss khael ke liye following cheezain zaroori hain. Toliye, masaj oil or candles. Iss khael ko kahi bhi khela ja sakta hai. Qaleen per, drawing room ki table per, sofey or bed per. Khel ka agaz candle ki roshni me ek dosre ke kaprai utarney se karein.
• Ek dosre ko kiss karein, ek dosre ke jism ko rub karein. Phir khel ka baqaida aghaz karney ke liye toliye farash per bechain or bivi iss per leyt jaey. Iss doran me aap bivi ka masaj karney ke liye taiyar ho jaein., Bari bari ek dosre ki malish karein. Bari ka entekhab karney ke liye toss kiya ja sakta hai. Ek dosre ke jism ko oil lagaein, jism ke har hisse per, body, taangein, ranein, chest, pistaan, har jagah poorey jism ki malish karein. Phir Ziyada hassas maqamat ki taraf aaein. Inn ko ziyada mushta’el karein hatta ke saathi uruj ke qareeb pohonch jaey to ruk jaein. Iss tarhan bari bari ek dosre ko kaee bar uruj per ley jaein hatta ke orgasm hasil kar ke khel khatam karein. Agar bivi pehley orgasm hasil karley to yeh donon ke liye ziyada lutf angaez hoga. Yeh khel khelna bohut bara fun hai. Iss ke liye aap ko scissors, new blade or shaving cream ki zaroorat hai. Aap yeh khel table per, bed per, ya bath room me khel saktey hain. Bath room me khelna bohut hi lutf angaez hai. Sab se pehley ghusl karein phir bivi bed ya table per laet jaey. Bathroom me bhi leyt sakti hai. Aap bivi ki naaf ke neechey brush or soap se jhag paida karein yeh bana banaya jhag waha lagadeyn. Phir ahtiyat se iss ke shave karein. Bohut si aurton nay mehsoos kiya ka shohar ke shave karney se enka woh hissa ziyda hassas hogaya jis se en ke lutf me izafa hogaya. Phir iss hisse ko ooper se baby lotion ya cold cream se aahista aahista massage karein. Isi tarhan bivi bhi aap ki shave kar sakti hai.
• Iss khel ke liye aap ko ek scarf ya kaprey ki zaroorat hai. Khel ke liye pehley bivi ki eyes per patti bandhein phir iss ko sofey ya bister per ley jaein. Phir ahista ahista dil lagi or teasing karein phir be dharak uss ke sath rape karein. Bul ke jo chahey jaeysa chahey karein. Yeh donon ke liye bohut luft angez hai. Bivi ko pusht ke bal bed per letein. Iss ke hath sir ke neechey ley ja kar bed ke saath tie kardein. Doosri taraf taangein bhi bister ke saath tie kardein. Phir iss ke saath jo chahey karein iss ki eyes per patti bandhi ja sakti hai take woh dekh na sake or aap Ziyada be jhijhak ho kar rape kar sakein. Jinsi tasawwurat (sexual thoughts) jinsi amal ke lutf me be panaah izafa kartey hain. Aap kisi bhi qism ka jinsi tasawwur (sexual thought) kar saktey hain jis se aap ke jinsi jazbaat bharkein, apni bivi ko apni pasand ke mutabiq jaisa chahein waisa dekh saktey hain. Tasawwur me iss ki eyes big kar saktey hain, iss ke pistaan ko khoobsurat or sareen ko big kar saktey hain. Aap bivi me har cheez paida kar saktey hain jo aap ko pasand ho. Agar aap ko bivi ki koi cheez na pasand hai to iss ko apni pasand me badal dein. Kisi anokhi or munfarid jagah mubashrat (SEX ) ka tasawwur kar saktey hain. Sea ke kinarey, moon ki roshni mein, paani ke ander kharey hokar, sea ke kinarey tent mein, barish mein, barish ke baad subz or naram ghas per. Raat ko khuley maidan mein, desert or jungle mein, kisi tree ke ooper, abshar ke neechey, kisi pahar ki choti per, iss ke damin mein, train, bus, jahaz, car or hotel mein. Tasawwur me woh sab kuch karein jo aap jurat ki kami ya sharam or jhijhak ki wajah se nahi kar patey maslan ek hi waqt me 2 bivi ke sath mubashrat (SEX ) kar saktey hain.

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Ek khatoon mahir e nafsiyat nay ek dilchasp book ‘How to satisfy a woman every time?’ likhi hai. Iss ka khayal hai ke aurat hamesha orgasm hasil kar sakti hai agar mard ko pata ho ke kaisey? phir usnay following tariqa beyan kiya jis ki madad se shohar bivi ko be panah jinsi lutf de sakta hai. Mubashrat (SEX ) se 10, 5 minute ke liye bivi ke mukhtalif hisson khusoosan taangein, hath, back or stomach waghaera ko pauron (fingertips) se halka halka touch karein magar nipples ko na touch karein. Albatta iss ke ooper neechey bae’in (left) dae’in (right) touch kar saktey hain. Phir bivi pusht ke bal neechey leyt jaey ghutney (knees) kharey hun or aap iss ki taangein ke darmiyan beth jaeyn, apney zakar ko topi ke neechey hath me pakrai or ise bivi ke bazer (clitoris) per ahista ahista rub karein. Kuch mints tak aisa kartey jaeyn magar dakhil na karein. hutta ke iss ke jinsi jazbaat uruj per pohoch jaeyn or woh aap ko dakhool ke liye kahey.Magar aap foran dakhil na karein. Bivi ki bar bar darkhuast per nisf inch zakar dakhil karein or phir ahista se nikal leyn kaee baar aisa hi karein. Ab iss ke jinsi jazbat me aag lag jaey gi phir ek inch dakhil karein kaee baar dakhil karein or nikalein. Phir 1 and half inch dakhil karein. Bohut ahista ahista dakhil karein or nikal lein. Kaee baar aisa hi karein. Ab bohut ahista ahista zara Ziyada dakhil karein or nikal lein. Ab iss ke jazbaat bohut Ziyada bharak uthein gey. Abhi mukammal penetrate na karein. Dakhool mazeed deep karein hatta ke isska jism jinsi jazbaat se kaanp uthey. Ab dakhil karna or nikalnaa jari rakhein. Mazeed deep magar dakhool mukammal na karein hatta ke woh orgasm hasil karley to mukammal dakhil kardein. lekin ye sab tab hi mumkin hai jab aapne NightKing Delay Cream use ki ho, Ziyadah tar mard is tareekay me nakam ho jate hain, or jald ejaculate ho jate hai, agar aap is tareeke ko apnao or har baar dhere dheere andar bahar karo to aapko orgasm ane ka chance hota hai or fir nakami or bivi bina orgasms ke rahe jati hai, lekin jo mard Night king ka istemal karne ke baad ye amal kare or agar dakhool karney or nikalnay ka amal jari rahey to aurat ek se Ziyada orgasm hasil karleti hai. Har baad wala orgasm pehley se ziyada lutf angaez hoga. Baad wala orgasm hasil bhi jald hoga. Iss tareeqey me aurtein amooman 3 se 5 bar orgasm hasil karleti hain. lekin mumkin ho aap itna time tike raho, isliye mera sujhao hai bina Nightking ke ye mumkin nahi. Baaz sirf 2 or baaz 5 se bhi ziyada orgasm hasil karleti hain. Woh afraad jin ko surat e inzal ka masla hai inke liye bar bar dakhil karna or nikalna mushkil hai . Woh jald discharge ho jatey hain.Unke Liye Bhi Khas Taur Par Nightking Madad gar sabit hota hai or jo Bina Nightking ke ye tareeka apnay wo sirf zakar ko bazer (clitoris) ke sath rub karein hatta ke bivi orgasm ke kareeb pohoch jaey to foran penetrate kardein.

Nightking Sex Time Medicine

Nightking Sex Time Medicine

• Dair karney ki sorat me taqreeban 90% khawateen ke jazbaat foran sard hojaatey hain tahem agar 45 sec ke ander ander stimulation shuru kardiya jaey to dubara jazbaat ubhar jaatey hain. Dakhool ke baad tez strokes lagaein or donon orgasm hasil karlein.Khawateen ki ek bohut bari tadaad (taqreeban 80% ) ko agar kafi had tak hath se mushta’el kiya jaey to woh sirf penetrate se orgasm hasil nahi karti chahey mubashrat (SEX ) ek hour jari rahey.Lehaza bohut si aurton ki yeh zaroorat hai ke dakhool ke sath inn ke bazer (clitoris) ko bhi chikni ungli se mushta’el kiya jaey. Iss ke liye mubashrat (SEX ) ke kuch aise tariqey use kiye ja saktey hain jin me dakhool ke baad bazer (clitoris) ko aasani se mushta’el kya ja sakta hai. 90% khawateen ko bharpur jinsi lutf (sexual pleasure) ke liye penetrate ke baad 4,5 mint tez strokes ki zaroorat hoti hai. Magar bohut hi kam log itni taweel mubashrat (SEX ) kar saktey hain Lekin Ye Mumkin hai Herbal Sex Time Dawa se Jiska Naam hai Nightking Sex Delay.

Lehaza dakhool ke baad tez strokes laganey ke bajaey apney sareen (hips) ko bae’in (left) dae’in (right) harkat dein ya inn ko rotate karein (agar bivi iss ki mukhalif sumt me yehi harkat kare to Ziyada lutf angaez hoga) iss ke sath sath ungli se bazer (clitoris) ko mushta’el karein. Hatta ke woh nuqta e uruj per pohonch jaey phir iss ke ishaarey per tez jhatkey lagaein. Iss ke orgasm hasil karney ke baad agar aap strokes ko jari rakhein ya bazer (clitoris) ko mushta’el kartey rahein to 2, 3 minute me bivi doosra orgasm hasil karlegi jo pehley se bhi Ziyada lutf angaez hoga. Baaz auqat aurtein dakhool se pehley jism or bazer (clitoris) stimulation se orgasm hasil karna pasand karti hain iss sorat me aurat orgasm pehley hasil karney ke baad dakhool se bohut Ziyada lutf andooz hoti hain or shohar ko Ziyada lutf muhayya karti hain. Agar aurat pehley orgasm hasil karley to phir mubashrat (SEX ) ke waqt ki koi ahmiyat nahi rehti.
• Mubashrat (SEX ) se pehley taweel foreplay karein phir apney pasandeeda tariqey se zakar ko penetrate karein or phir nikalein. Bar bar aisa karein, iss se aurat ke jazbat bohut bharak uthtey hain. Agar aap ko sur’at e inzal ka masla hai to phir yeh tariqa use karney se pehley iss ka elaj Nightking sex delay medicine se karaein. Baaz auqat mamoli cheez se sex ko bohut purjosh banaya ja sakta hai. Maslan bivi phone per kisi (Boss, father, mother, brother, sister etc) se baat kar rahi ho or aap uss ke saath foreplay karein. Ise mazeed purjosh banaya ja sakta hai. Iss ke phone ke doran me aap bivi se mubashrat (SEX ) karein, strokes lagaein. Yeh cheezein donon ke liye bohut exciting hongi. Iss soorat me doosri taraf ke fard ko pata nahi hota ke aap kya kar rahey hain. Iss ke elawa mubashrat (SEX ) ke doran me apni eyes ki harkat me tabdeeli paida karein. Maslan agar aam taor per mubashrat (SEX ) ke doran me aap eyes khuli rakhtey hain to inn ko band kar ke dekhein or agar amooman aap ki eyes band hoti hain to khuli rakh kar farq ko note karein ke kya acha laga phir waisa hi karein.
• Jinsi amal ke doran me bharpur jinsi lutf (sexual pleasure) ke liye zaroori hai ke aap jo kuch kar rahey hain aap ki tawajjuh puri tarhan iss amal ki taraf ho. Agar aap ka dheyan kisi or taraf hoga to aap bilkul lutf na uthaein gey. Chunancha discharge ke waqt aap ki sari tawajjuh discharge ki taraf ho. Discharge ko ziyada lazzat angaez bananey ke liye kegel practice karein jis ka zikar aagey aaey ga.jis ki wajah se time me azafa kiya ja sakta hai.
• Mubashrat (SEX ) ke doran me bivi ke hath ko apney peechey ley jaein. Ise encourage karein ke woh aap ke donon sareen ko bheenchey, inn per thappar maarey, chutki ley, inn ke darmiyan ungli phaerey. Phir sareen ke charon taraf fingers se massage karey, aap ke liye bohut purlutf hoga. Agar aap jinsi taor per pehley hi baidar hun yani aap ke jazbaat bharke huey hun to aap sex se Ziyada lutf andooz hotey hain. Jinsi bedari ke kaee tariqey hain. Maslan bivi ke saath sabqa khushgawar jinsi ta’alluqat ka tasawwur, apney dimagh me iss ki film chalaein.
• Iss me apni marzi ki tabdeeli karleyn. Yeh tasawwur kuch sec (30, 45 sec) ka ho sakta hai or Ziyada der ka bhi. Phir har 1 ya 2 hours ke baad kuch sec ke liye iss tasawwur ko phir karlein. Iss ke bare me sochay. Yeh practice din me kaee bar karein, khusoosan iss din jis din aap nay jinsi amal se lutf andoz hona ho.
• Aa’enda jab bhi aap ke jinsi jazbaat ubhrein yeh jinsi khayalat (sexual thoughts) ka ehsaas ho, maslan rah chaltey koi khoobsurat aurat dekh kar, kisi khoobsurat picture ko dekh kar, ya tv per kisi purkashish aurat ko dekh kar aap ko jinsi khayalat aaein to phir sochein ke aap uss ke sath kya karna chahtey hain ya kya karna chahein gey. Phir eyes band karlein or kuch karney ka tasawwur karein. Iss ke jism ko touch karein, iss ke pistaan, faraj or dosre hassas hisson ko mushta’el karney ka tasawwur karein. Inn pasandeeda jinsi tasawwurat per mushtamil apni eyes me ek shandar blue film chalaein. Tasawwurat ko Ziyada se Ziyada wazeh, rangeen, roshan, bara or apney qareeb banaein. Yeh tasawwur kuch seconds ka ho sakta hai or taweel bhi. Phir har 1 or 2 hours ke baad eyes band kar ke phir yehi tasawwur karein. Iss film ko doobara chalaein. Last me iss practice me apni bivi ko shamil karein yani doosri aurat ka tasawwur khatam kar ke iss ki jagah apni bivi ka tasawwur karein. Aaram se kisi pursukoon jagah beth jaein or sochein ke woh kon si cheezein hain jo aap ko sex me nahi mil rahi hain phir inhein hasil karein, ya phir aisi cheezon ki list banaein (ke din mein) jo aap ko sex me pasand hain magar kisi wajah se inn ko hasil karney ka moqa nahi mil raha, phir inhein hasil karein. Mubashrat (SEX ) ke doran me donon shohar and bivi ko Ziyada lutf tab aata hai jab faraj or zakar ko rub Ziyada lagey. Tahem iss ke liye faraj kisi hud tak chikna hona zaroori hai.

Don’t Sex Dry Vagina

• Khushk faraj me stroke lagatey waqt bivi ko takleef hoti hai magar baaz khawateen ki faraj me chiknahat Ziyada hoti hai (yeh koi beemari nahi, na hi iss ka elaj karanay ki zaroorat hai) aisi surat me intercoruse bilkul be maza hota hai. Aisi halat me dakhool se pehley faraj ko khushk karliya jaey. Iss ke liye tissue hargiz use na karein. Warna saari raat tissue ke pieces ko chuntey rahein gey. Iss ke bajaey faraj ko saaf or naram kaprey se khushk karein. Rubbing ko Ziyada karney ke liye zakar ke ooper thora sa shehed (honey) lagain shehed nuqsandeh nahi hai.

vagina tightening cream india

• Agar kisi wajah se faraj loose hai jis ki wajah se achi rubbing nahi lagti to iss soorat me rubbing ko Ziyada karney ke liye TongKat Ajimat Madura – Vagina Tightening Cream ka istemal kare, ya phir woh kegel method use karein. Iss vagina cream se faraj ke tissues tight ho jaatey hain or Ziyada rubbing ki wajah se mubashrat (SEX ) Ziyada lutf angaez hoti hai. Khusoosan bari umar ki khwateen ke liye vagina tightener tongkat ajimat madura mufeed hai. Baaz maahireen ke mutabiq aurtein (bazer) clitoral stimulation ke orgasm se mubashrat (SEX ) se Ziyada lutfandoz hoti hain. Lehaza kabhi kabhar bivi ko bazer ke ishteaal (clitoris stimulation) se lutfandoz kya jaey.
• Bazer (clitoris) stimulation ke liye hamesha chikni ungli use ki jaey. Foran bazer (clitoris) ko na chua jaey bul ke pehley ird gird ke hisson ko chua jaey or phir bazer (clitoris) ki taraf aa jaein or ise mukhtalif andaaz se mushta’el karein. 1 ungli se ya 2 sey, tezi se yeh ahista ahista, naram dabao ke sath Ziyada dabao ke sath. Yeh bhi poochein ke bazer (clitoris) pehlu se rub karein ya topi sey. Iss ke sath faraj ke entrance ko bhi mushta’el kiya ja sakta hai. Clitorial stimulation me jab aurat orgasm ke qareeb pohonchti hai to bazer (clitoris) ek dam dheela hojata hai. Baaz surton me to ghayab ho jata hai. Aap issi jagah stimulation jari rakhein hatta ka woh orgasm hasil karlein. Agar aap ney stimulation band kardiya to bivi orgasm hasil na kar sakey gi. Sex ko dilchasp or purlazat bananey ke liye bivi ke jism ke mukhtalif hisson maslan thigh ke androni hisson, arms ke androoni parts, abdomen, naaaf ke ander, naaaf ke nichley hissey, pistaan, shoulders or kamar ke nichley hisse per khanay ki cheez maslan chocolate, shehed (honey), jam, jelly or thick sharbat waghaera lagaein or inko chaatein. Yeh amal donon ke liye seher angez hai. ek bar zaroor try karein…..Hume fir na bhoolo ge.


• Bohut si khawateen G-spot stimulation se be panah jinsi lazzat hasil karti hain. Iss ke stimulation se aurat zabardast orgasm hasil karti hai. Yeh orgasm mubashrat (SEX ) or clitoral stimulation ke orgasm se mukhtalif hota hai magar bohut hi lutf angaez hota hai. Iss orgasm me khawateen ki aksariyat pani kharij karti hain. Iss liye bohut si khawateen ko G-spot stimulation mubashrat (SEX ) se bhi Ziyada pasand hai. Shaadi ke initial days me hi ise talash karein. Lambey foreplay ke baad ise paana aasan hota hai. Sexual stimulation me yeh jagah swell ho jati hai. G-spot ko 2 tariqon se mushta’el kya ja sakta hai. Hath ya zakar sey, hath se stimulation Ziyada aasan hai. Foreplay ke baad bivi kamar ke bal bister pey laet jaey or aap apni angoothey ke saath wali 2 fingers hatheli ooper ki taraf kar ke faraj ke ander dalein. ORGASMS WITH G SPOT

Jab fingers second line tak ander chali jaein to phir ungli ko ooper ki taraf kuch turn karlein. Ab faraj ke ooper wali wall ko mukhtalif styles (bae’in (left), dae’in (right)) se rub karein. G-spot ke ishteaal se aurat ko jhatka lagta hai jaga swell ho jati hai or ise peeshab ki khwahish hoti hai. Lehaza G-spot stimulation se pehley aurat ko peeshaab karlena chahiyie, lekin phir bhi agar ise peeshaab ki khwahish mehsoos ho to bhi woh nikley ga nahi kyun ke masana (bladder) to pehley hi khali kya ja chuka hai agar stimulation jari rahey to 2 ta 20 minute ke massage ke baad aurat ko jinsi lutf mehsoos hone lagta hai. Yahan tak ke woh orgasm hasil karleti hai.
• Agar ishte’aal jari rahey to aurat ek se Ziyada orgasm hasil karleti hai. Har baad wala orgasm Ziyada lutf angez hota hai. 1, 2 orgasm ke baad aap mubashrat (SEX ) karein to aap bhi bohut lutf uthaingai. Mubashrat (SEX ) ke zariey G-spot ko rub karna zara mushkil hai. Iss ke liye bivi ko ek khaas position ikhtiyar karna hogi. Doosra aam mardon ke liye itni der strokes lagana mushkil hota hai lekin Nightking istemal karne wale 1 se 2 ghanta bhi stroke  laga sakte hai, or istarah aap mubashrat (SEX ) me G-spot ko mushta’el kar sakein to donon shohar bivi bohut lutf uthaein gey. Missionary position me G-spot ke stimulation ke liye bivi ke ghutney (knees) itni ooper uthaein ke woh uss ke shoulder se mil jaein yeh dakhool ke baad iss ke ankles ko pakrein or itnaa ooper uthaein ke uss ke sareen back se ooper ho jaein. Iss soorat me stroke laganay se G-spot mushta’el ho jata hai. Doosra tariqa yeh hai ke doggy style (bivi hath or ghutney (knees) ke bal bed ya farash per ho or sir neechey ko ho) me penis ko peechey se enter kiya jaey. Jab ke baaz khawateen ka khayal hai ke shohar neechey or bivi ooper wala tariqa Ziyada suitable hai kyun ke iss soorat me bivi khud shohar ke zakar ko apni G-spot per rub kar sakti hai. Chunke iss soorat me mubashrat (SEX ) ko Ziyada der rakhney ki zaroorat hoti hai to iss ka ek hal yeh hai ke pehley bivi ya shohar ungli se G-spot ko mushta’el karey, ek orgasm ke baad zakar ko penetrate kar ke strokes lagaein to bivi 2, 3 orgasm mubashrat (SEX ) ke zariyey Ziyada aasani se hasil kar sakey gi. Waise bhi G-spot ko 4,6 times ungli se mushta’el karney ke baad woh hassas ho jata hai phir ise zakar ke sath aasani se mushta’el kara ja sakta hai. Agar aap bivi ko G-spot ka orgasm dein to woh aap ko sex me aap ki pasand ki har cheez khushi se de gi. Ek hi mubashrat (SEX ) me ek se Ziyada sexual positions use karein. Maslan Missionary position use karein, Iss ke mukhtalif style se lutfandoz hun, phir khud neechey ajay or bivi ooper ajay. Iss method ke mukhtalif style use karein. Iss ke baad side by side or last me aagey peechey or iss ke mukhtalif style se lutf uthaein. iske liye ghabraiye nahi aap Nightking use karne ke baad saari postion badi asani se ek hi time me play kar sakte hai.

• Last me jis sexual position me Ziyada lutf aya ho ise phir use karein or orgasm hasil kar ke ek dosre ke bazoun me laet jaein or uss ke ear me uss ke cooperaation or husun waghaera ki tareef karein. Variety ke liye next time tarteeb change kar lein maslan pehley queens method use karein. Iss tarhan har bar tarteeb change kar ke iss method ki kashish ko barqarar rakha ja sakta hai. Har maah ek aadh night bilkul honey moon ki tarhan enjoy karein. Iss ke liye pehley se ek din muqarrar karlein ya honey moon ka wazeh ishara kya ja sakta hai. Bivi iss din naha dho kar khoob achi tarhan taiyar ho. Aap ki pasand ke kaprey pehnein, dulhan banjaein. Aap ki pasand ka khana pakaey magar aap paet bhar ke na khaein. Khana jaldi kha lein. Room ke environment ko candles light se romantic banaein. Room me air freshener karein. Bed per attractive rung ki silk ki bed sheet bichaein jo sirf honey moon waley din hi use ki jaey. Bed per phoolon ki pattiyan hun. Bivi ghar ke kam se jaldi farigh hojaey, iss din aap bhi jald ghar na jaeyn. Aatey huai bivi ke liye gajrai lanaa na bholiyei. Naha kar pursukoon or relax hojaein or apney jism per perfume lagaein, phone off kardein or imagine karein ke aap bivi se pehli baar mubashrat (SEX ) kar rahey hain.

• Long foreplay or pyar mohabbat ki baatein hun or phir pasandeeda method se mubashrat (SEX ) se lutf andoz hun. Woh sab kuch karein jo suhag raat na kar sake thay. Har year shadi ki anniversary ko isi andaz me manaein.
• Aksar auqat aurat ghar me relax nahi hoti kyun ke ghar se murad kaam kaj hai. Zahir hai ke amooman insan kaam ke mahool me bohut Ziyada relax nahi hota, jab ke bharpur jinsi lutf ke liye relaxation bohut zaroori hai. Lehaza month me ek bar mahol ki tabdeeli karein. Ek raat kisi hotel me guzarein. Mahol ki tabdeeli se aurat ke jinsi jazbaat Ziyada bedar hotey hain. Iss se aurat gharelo zimme daariyun se aazad mehsoos karke Ziyada relax ho jati hai or agar mahol bhi khoobsurat ho to aurat ke jazbaat khoob bharaktey hain. Iss soorat me amooman bachon ko ghar chorna parta hai. Ziyada zehni dabao or thakawat me fard sex se Ziyada lutf andoz nahi ho sakta. Lehaza relax rahein iss ke liye following mushq karein.
• Aisi pasandeeda cheezon ki fehrist banaein jinhein karna aap ko acha lagta hai, sukoon milta hai. Maslan window shopping, long drive, news paper reading, flowers khareedna, koi khel khelna, tv per cricket match yeh koi or sports dekhna, ghusl karna, koi pasandeeda book read karna, phir inn cheezon me se har roz ek cheez zaroor karein. Yeh aap ko relax kare gi or jinsi zindagi purlutf hogi. Fast sex services ka tasawwur jadeed daur ka ek shandar tasawwur hai. Jo azdawaji zindagi ko talkhiyun se mahfooz karney or ise purlutf banane ke liye bohut muasser hai. Baaz auqat shohar bivi me se kisi ek ko sex ki zaroorat hoti hai magar saat hi kisi wajah se ta’awwun karney ke liye taiyar nahi hota jab bar bar aisa hota hai to azdawaji or ghareloo zindagi me badmazgi paeda hoti hai.


• Shohar bivi ke bharpur jinsi lutf ke liye kam az kam half hour ki zaroorat hoti hai magar baaz auqat aap ke pas Ziyada waqt nahi hota. Aap nay kaam par jana hai yeh aap apni tension se fori chutkara hasil karna chahtey hain (sex tension se nijat hasil karney ka ek muasser zariya hai) waise bhi mard jinsi taor per jald mushta’el ho jata hai or phir thorey waqt me jinsi sukoon chahta hai. Mard 2-4 minutes me jinsi sukoon hasil karleta hai. Iss soorat me chun ke bivi ko jinsi sukoon nahi miley ga (Ise jinsi sukoon ke liye kam se kam 30 minute ka waqt chahiyie) lehaza woh inkar kar deti hai. Iss tarhan baaz auqat bivi jinsi sukoon chahti hai magar aap thake huey hain or aap ke liye 30 or 45 minutes ke liye jinsi amal me hissa lena mumkin nahi. Inn halaat me fast sex service ka husool bohut mufeed rahey ga. Aap bivi ke sath ek agreement karein ka aap ko jab bhi sex ki zaroorat hogi woh kabhi inkar nahi kare gi or waqt ki kami ke paesh e nazar woh aap ko foreplay or josh o kharosh ke baghaer sex frahem kare gi. Iss ke badley me jab bhi bivi ko romance (pyar mohabbat, kiss or baghal geer hona etc) ki zaroorat hogi chahey woh kuch minute ka ho aap ise muhayya karein gey. Iss ke elawa aap ise week me 1 or 2 time bharpur sex muhayya karein gey. Ab chunke aap ko “inkar” ka khatra na hoga aap jinsi taor per Ziyada pur aetmaad hongey or bivi ko behter sex muhayya karein gey. Iss soorat me aap ko hamesha sex miley ga woh mubashrat (SEX ) ho ya koi alternate tariqa. Iss tarhan baaz auqat bivi ko jinsi sukoon ki shadeed khwahish hojati hai magar masroofiyat ya thakawat ki wajah se aap Ziyada waqt nahi de saktey, jab ke bivi ko Ziyada waqt ki zaroorat hai, iss sorat me aap Night King Delay Liquid zaroor use kar le orlong sex time muhayya kar saktey hain.
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