How to Increase Sex Power in Hindi

How to Increase Sex Power in Hindi

Everyone wants to be a better love in bed. For many especially men, inability to offer the couple a lasting sexual or long sex experience is a source of concern and even stress. However avoid premature ejaculation or early discharge in men and lack of sexual vigor in either party can be easy with the right set of techniques in bedroom and lifestyle changes to improve their sexual desire. Do it with the start-and-stop technique and kegel exercise. consider your sexual response on a scale of 1 to 6, 6 being orgasmic and 1 is a state of arousal. Stimulate yourself until you are at 4, then stimulation and allow yourself to calm down completely stops. Bring back to 2, and then slowly build an 5. Get used to take your answer up and down like this so that you learn to control himself before reaching the point of no return. This will help you be more comfortable and relaxed during intercourse, because when one feels about to reach orgasm, you will be able to slow things down and scale back on the scale of sexual response.

Long Time Sex Tips

Long Time Sex Tips

How To Stay Long Sex On Bed Hindi

Foreplay is your friend. One of the main reasons why men want to last longer in bed is because they want their partners to have a good time and reaching orgasm too. But the truth is that most women can not achieve orgasm through intercourse alone. That’s why foreplay, manual and oral stimulation are key parts of passionate sex and mutually enjoyable. Therefore, instead of stressing over lasting “long enough” focus on what makes you and your partner feel good. Implement more tact and oral sex and foreplay intermixing through their sexual relationship; when you feel ready to climax, things slow down and focus on giving oral pleasure to their partner or stimulate your manual. This can help you achieve orgasm while allowing you to delay his own pleasure.


Long time sex medicine

Night King Long Time Sex Medicine

Use the tools in sexual performance. There are a number of ways you can help increase your Power. In fact, recently, a new drug for premature ejaculation is FDA approved. Promescent is a topical medicine applied to the penis 10 minutes before sexual activity and helps a man to better manage the sensations of sex through desensitization. However, unlike other topical medications for premature ejaculation, Promescent absorbed under the skin where the nerve endings that control ejaculation. A man receives just enough to control your ejaculation while still allowing you to enjoy the sensations of sex and being absorbed into the skin, will not negatively impact your partner’s feelings dose.


Use lubrication. A study by The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that men who use condoms with lubrication lasted longer in bed men who did not. Just remember to use silicone-based lube waterborne or when using condoms. (Oil-based lubricants can break condoms and decrease its effectiveness.)


Sex is not just about self-satisfaction. In fact, if you really want to score high on the bed stay long sex, which is essential to build your sexual power to last the distance and keep the other half happy. Here are some simple tips for a more satisfying sex life.


Staying fit and healthy for better and long sex


Sex may seem simple enough to master (unless you’re a teenager or an inexperienced 40-year-old virgin clumsy in the dark). However, if you really want to increase the power of your passion, it might be time that addressed some of the following techniques:


The development of muscles in the groin If you are often struggling a bit with muscle pain the morning after a steamy night of passion, it might be useful to stretch regularly groin, keeping primed and ready for even the position most outrageous sexual. Basic sections groin prepare your body for an upcoming sexual epic, so be sure to regularly try a few when you have the chance.


The building arm muscles sexual stamina may require a large upper body strength depending on the coital position you are planning to adopt. Therefore, it may be a good idea to enjoy the occasional free weights session, gradually toning arm muscles. The odd bout of upper body exercise could actually keep you energized for longer lasting sex. Here are some exercises that you can try to strengthen the arm muscles.


Stay mentally focused An obvious this, but if you really want to make the most of their sexual encounters, it is vital not to let the potential impact play on your mind. Avoid worrying and let stay focused in the bedroom, taking the proper precautions before jumping on the bed.

Avoid Drinking  

Reduce alcohol consumption If your nightly routine is to demolish the odd beer at the local bar, it may be necessary to reassess their thirst for alcohol before stumbling home for a quick night of passion. Alcohol can seriously damage your sex hormone levels. A few drinks with friends can help maintain social appearances, but certainly not keep things in the bedroom. So, take it easy on the alcohol. Read more to learn about the different managers that can damage your sex life.


Improving blood flow before running to the doctor at the first sign of erection problems, try to adopt a more natural way to increase blood flow to the groin, without the help of Viagra. Flexing regularly and massage central groin muscles of your body, the blood begins to flow more easily in that area, allowing him to stand longer in the bedroom. Here’s how you can do Kegel exercises and increase blood flow to his pelvic region.

Exercise For Better Sex Life

Flexing your abs while his torso can now occur more than twelve-pack loose a toned six pack, some abdominal exercise can go a long way to increase your sexual power. The abdominals are key to providing bursts of sexual energy, driving the groin pushing forward and then release it. As a result, some newspapers or abdominal crunches could really develop your sex life, preventing flopping over his partner with sheer exhaustion amid a bedtime romp. So build stomach muscles and feel absolutely fabulous in no time!


Love yourself, but not too much, not make you go blind, but “self-love” could certainly hurt their chances to make a powerful first impression. What could be worse on a hot date whipping out his shorts to reveal not much at all, really? No matter how desperate you get, try to save their energy for the real thing. After all, sex is a marathon, not a sprint. Read more about masturbation and the effects it has on your body.


Stretching the quadriceps and calf cramp is a great diversion in the bedroom, with quads and calves especially susceptible to sudden attacks of pain tighten. As a result, regular stretching leg muscles could seriously increase your sexual experience, enabling them sexual demands flexibility exer-. Do not let the muscle pain cramp your style. Prepare the quads and calves and soon feel the benefits.

Achi Neend Lene Se badhta hai Sex Stamina

Good Sleep Increases Sex Pleasure

Kamasutra Sex ki Tips


Sleep is Most Important For Better Sex Life

Good and sufficient sleep is not only helps to keep you healthy, but it’s also important to make the best sex life. Hormones in the body of the weary state does not work correctly, so do not also enjoy sex.

Adequate sleep at night is not only refreshes your day, but the sex life may prove to provide extra pleasure. According to University of Michigan Medical School, working Sadaf Kashish, every extra hour of sleep in the sexual activity is 14%. Research journal Sexual Medicine “published in the latest issue of your paper John  Said,” If you have any problem in your sex life, you should consider whether or not you are able to get enough sleep. “

This study was done on 172 women, and the participants also slept in the night, the next day he will also disclosed sex. Sexual stimulation is needed for sleep study. Less sleep, more sleep than women consuming very little problem occurs in women spoke of sexual stimulation.
Sadaf ‘according to the impact of sleep on sexual pleasure and sexual excitement is very little attention given, but from the research point to the fact that less sleep and arousal in women and decreased sexual desire is. “The night of the women are very tired the next day, they have more sexual stimulation.
So adequate sleep sex helps in overcoming the problems.

 Hindi Me Sex Ki Jankari

sex tips in hindi

sex tips in hindi

Sex Me Bharpoor Anand Lene Ke Liye

kamasutra tips lambe samay tak uthayen sex ka anand

Acchi aur paryapta nind na sirf apaka svastha rakhone me madada karata hai balki sex laipha ka behatarina banane ke lie bhi zaruri hata hai. Kyanki thake hue avastha me sarira ka harmana sahi taraha se Kam nahim kara pata hai, isalie sex ka ananda bhi utha nahi pate hai.
Rat me paryapta matra me nind lene se na sirpha apaka din tarotaja rahata hai, balki sex jivana me bhi atirikta anand pradan karane vala sabit ho sakata hai. Misigana visvavidyalaya ke meḍikal skula me karyarata ḍeviḍ kamabakh ke anusar, hara eka ghaṇte ki atirikta nind se yaun gatividhiya me 14 phisadi ka ijapha hota hai. Sadha patrika seksuala meḍisina ke taja ank me prakasita apan sadha-patra me kamabakha ne kaha hai, agara apake sex jivana me kisi taraha ki samasya hai to apaka vicara karana cahie ki apa paryapta nind le le rahe hain ya nahin.

सेक्स का भरपूर आनंद

Yaha adhyayana 172 mahilao ka serve kiya gaya, tatha jina pratibhagiyam ne jisa din rat me atirikta nind li unhanne agale din sex ki atirikta iccha hone ka khulasa kiya. Adhyayana ke anusara nind yaun uttejana ke lie bhi jaruri hai. Kam nind lene vali mahilaa ki apekṣa atirikta nind lene vali mahilaa ne yaun uttejana me behada Kam samasya ane ki bat kahi.
Kamabakha ke anusar, yaun ananda aur yaun uttejana para nind ke prabhava ka bahuta Kam tavajja di jati rahi hai, lekin isa sadha se prapt tathya isa ara isara karate hain ki Kam nind lene ke karaṇa mahilaa me sex ki iccha aur uttejana me kami a sakati hai. Jaisa rat mahilae atyadhik thaki raheti hain usake agale din uname yaun uttejana bhi adhik hati hai.Achi Neend Lene Se badhta hai Sex Stamina,paryapta matra me nind sex samasyaa se nijata dilane me bahut madada karata hai.

Patni Se Sex Hindi

Sex Tips in Hindi

Yaha Aap log sex Ke Mutabik Hindi Me Maloomat Hasil Kar sakte ho,jaise sex ke time ko badhana,aurto ko jald orgasms dilana,aurat ki yoni ko tight kaise karna, female ke seenay ka size (Breast Size) kaisay badhana, or Male ke Penis ko longer time tak erect or penis size increase karna & sex se mutallik kafi sari maloomat.

Sex Problem Solve

Increase Sex Power at home

Free Sex Knowledge in Hindi

Dear friends, we are very happy about our blog results. Our blog is about Sex knowledge in Hindi (Urdu). Sex ke bare me internet par many people saf suthri jankari ke blog website video books search karete he but search results me many website only enjoy base content wali samne ati he but humne apne effort ke mutabik internet users ko site ke is blog platform par better and clean knowledge base material (content) dene ki koshish ki he. Hume readers ke comments se badi khushi ho rahi he ke readers is blog ko pasand kar rahe he.

About SEX in India
Sex jo ek famous english word hai. jis ka Urdu meaning Mubashrat karna hota he. Yea aik aisa kaam he jo her men and women ki life me badi importance rakhta hai islye is ke bare me better knowledge prapt karna koi ghalat bat nahi hai. humare is blog me Sex se related tips and questions ke better answer dene ki koshish ki gai he. Age bhi hum is topic par apni post ko better se better and more knowledge full banane ki koshihs karenge.
Sex ke topic par aap apne question humse kar sakte he hum is topic par apni and experts ki kya raye he who aap tak pahunchane ki kohsih karege. You may ask question about this subject.
Wiese abtak hum ne kafi kuch Sex ke topic par is blog me likha he jo readers ke lye beneficial ho is ki hum ummeed karte he. Read carefully. This is an important topic. Proper Knowledge is very important about this topic. If you want know about Sex, read our site blog post.
Is topic par jo kuch hum likh rahe hai ye sab mahir sexologist ki opinion and information hai, aap kisi bhi tips ko use karne se pehle achi tarah samajh le. Especially Koi disease problem ho to doctor se consult jarur kare.

Aaj Ka Topic SEX or Zindagi

Nai naslo ke liye ek massage har shadi shuda mardo ke liye In Hindi

Patni Se Long Time Sex

Patni Se Long Time Sex


Aaj ki Ajdawaji zindagi par maine ek episode dekha jis par yeah bataya gya ki Mard apni mardangi manwane ke lye kaise kaise crime kar bethte hain. is episode ko dekhne ke bad mind me yeah bat aai ke is topic par ek post likhi jaye ke many time aisa hota he ke Admi normally bhi kuch zulm / zabardasti aurato ke sath karte rehte hain jo nazar andaz ki jati hai, jaise pati patni ke beech jo relation hote he us me kai time husband apni wife ke sath force kar ke SEX karte hai and Sex me kucch is type ki chizz bhi karwate he jise patni pasand nahi karti hai.
Kabhi wife ka mood mubashrat I mean sex karne ka nahi hota lekin Husband force kare ke zabardasti sex kar leta hai. It is wrong. Force is not allowed in love.

Patni Ke Sath Sex Ka Time

SEX HINDI Aaj kal internet par new style ke sex video, photo image dekh kar log sex ke lye new position use karte he jisme se some unnatural position hoti he jisse Aurat ko dard hota he,or wo sex ka maza nahi le pati, yeah bhi wrong hai. aisa na kare. Both side enjoyments are better. Ya kabhi mard to enjoy karleta hai magar wife ko itminan nahi dila pata, q ki wo jald jadh jata hai apni mani nikalne ke baad mardo me taqat nahi raheti apni Bivi ko khush ya Orgasms de sake, iske liye market me kai medicine available hai or mard in tamam ko aazmata raheta hai ta ki time tak sex kar sake magar koi faida nahi hota, umooman ek mard 2-5 minut hi sex kar pata hai or orgasms hasil kar leta hai magar aurto ko kam se kam 25 minutes ka time lagta hai Orgasms ya climax hasil karne ke liye, aaj kale k mashoor herbal medicine market me badi sohrat ke sath bechi ja rahi hai ye kahe kar ki is se sex ka time badh jata hai uska naam hai “Night King Sex Delay Cream” agar koi mard Nightking use karne ke baad wife se sex karta hai to wo jaldi nahi jhadta or uska mani nahi nikalta jaldi kam se kam 45 minutes tak wo sex kar sakta hai, or nightking k eek baar istemal se dheere dheere mard ka time badh jata hai ab itne time tak sex karne ka faida ye hota hai Nightking se wife ko orgasms aa hi jata hai wo bhi ek baar nahi 2-3 baar aapki bivi ko orgasms / climax hasil hota hai, jab tak bivi ko cliamax hasil nahi hota tab tak wok hush nahi hoti or is tarah karna bhi to ek zulm hai aurat par ki uski khushi cheen lena,
Isliye meri ray hai nightking aaj ke har mardo ki zaroorat hai, or wo daor door nahi jab har ghar me se sex ki Aaaaahhhhh AaaaaHHhh mmmmm ki awaz buland ho…..
Ek or cheez kabhi kabhi aurto ko pasand nahi ati.
Patni ke mouth me ling dekar chuswane ke bare me ajkal kafi question kiye jate he ke yeha right he or wrong? It is wrong. Is topic par hum ne apne is blog par post bhi send ki hai.
Aisa na karte huwe agar patni ki yoni me finger karongay to wo usay pasand ayenga or wo jald bhi farigh ho jaygi,
Dear, yeah kuch is type ki bate he jo many woman and wife kisi other se share nahi kar skati but yeah wrong ha. It is not humanity.
You should respect your wife. You should respect all girls. You should respect you mother. You should respect sister. It is a man power. Do not use wrong attitude your close relation ship. Your life partner feelings are very important So always close to Nightking.

Agar Aap logo ko bhi apni sex life ke bare me kuch problem ho to humse contact kijiye aapka naam gupt rakha jayga. or aapko ilaj bhi bataya jayga.